24 May 2010

Home Alone 2010


e up 5a.m. to do breakfast, Bear had a train to catch.

I wish I'm a morning person. I wish Bear hadn't asked that stupid question when I was tackling a leaking trashbag. I wish I've answered nicely, so that Bear needn't feel nervous as a result and made further blunders. I wish I hadn't just check him in the side mirror, but turned around with a smile and said something nice. Silly Bear stood in the cold rain to see me drive off, I wish he had been furious enough and hurry inside the shelter. I wish these didn't happen when Bear would be away for a few days. I wish I hadn't been so touchy, foolish.

I wish I made an u-turn to plant some kisses. I pray that I can still make amends.

Lord I'm sorry. Please bless his work and bring him back safe and sound.


stay-at-home mum said...

awwww .... we all make mistakes sometimes. why dont you just call him or message him to make things right.{{HUGS}} I am sure he understands.

umekotyan said...




from loved ume tyan

sharilyn said...

my lovely friend...
when i read this, i thought of you and your post today... http://www.aholyexperience.com/2010/05/when-you-just-blow-everything-again-and.html . take a minute or two to read it; i know you will be blessed... you're not alone... sometimes love is hard...but it's well worth the effort...

love to you today, ~sharilyn

J.H said...

I'm sure he forgive you Stardust :-) I wish him have a fruitful time at work and go back home soon!

Maggie and Mitch said...

We hope that you and Bear have talked on the phone by now and have made up many times over!
You'll know better next time, right?!

bp said...

God be watching over u n Bear as always, and i think it's 'coz of the flurry of that morning rush, u trying to get this and that done and sending him off n making sure u weren't running late, that u didn't get to see him off with a kiss. (erm, that happens to me a lot, too... when hubs goes out of town). but i trust you're sending e-hugs n kisses across the miles to each other :).

and have i mentioned to u b4, whenever u share a sneak peek of your love for each other, i go awww... u guys are such a sweet and awesome couple! may God multiply that great love u have for each other, and bless u n your home always, more than what u ask for, my dear!

Feronia said...

I'm sure all will be well, Stardust. We can't always be calm and patient. It's all part of being human :)

Cuisine Paradise said...

Ya... don't blame yourself sister... everything will be fine. Soon bear will be back in no time... :) Take care.