20 May 2010

Remembering May

May is a hectic month. Feel like we're rushing in and out of it, and stealing time in between the runs. I'm sure some stuff can be taken care of by themselves? Haha, I must have caught some nonchalance from the Bear over the years. =P


Taking some time today to remember May, before I rush out again. Pant pant...






And yes we managed to join Bear's folks on mini trips this Spring...



Father-in-law is someone who holds his liquor extremely well, Bear said that he must have emptied at least barrels his life. It's an irony how his son knocks out at any fine hint of alcohol. I actually drink better than he does. ;P

It's hard to write when the mind is operating in dry Japanese. Zzz...


stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks for sharing despite your hectic schedule!! do remember to take some time off for yourself too!

And guess what?? I will be off to Kyoto next month!! WOOHOO!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

We agree - May is such a fast moving month as is June! And we see that you do remember to stop and smell the pretty flowers, Stardust! Gorgeous photos!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

J.H said...

What a beautiful light and sunny day there in may!
Can wait to see more of your trip's picture. Hope you have a great time :-)

bp said...

some nonchalance is good, i am enjoying all your lovely shots of lovely spring... like a reminder for me to breathe in, breathe out! and the wonders of creation all point to God's handiwork... AAAHHH!