01 April 2010

Goodbye, and Hello! =)

atamachi ( 波田町)is the pretty town we're residing in.

Yesterday, it stepped down with a 136 years of history, when merged with the preceding city of Nagano, Matsumoto ( 松本 ).

Now this actually adds to the many residential merits we're enjoying. Like an upgrade of an already complete package.

Whenever people congratulate us on the reward of our 'fine foresight', I muse with a bitter-sweet recollection of what led us to where we are now. Really. It's not even half like what they have assumed.

In fact, things were looking desperate. My parents-in-law were pestering for our return, while Bear defended his idea of a nuclear family. It was a reckless investment when we decided to acquire another piece of land - a hat too big. We pulled out from the potential black hole anyway, not because we were smart, but Bear fell sick... I was sicker, mentally I mean, or in every other means. I was sick with the forever ambiguous health reports that Bear returned with, and that he wasn't sick enough to refrain from travelling. I was sick of putting up with inconsiderate people who had to show up at such troubling period. Sick of having to attend to matters that didn't matter. Everything was urgent, only my needs weren't. Besides God, I was tooooo tired to relate to anybody. Was Jesus listening?.. that I wasn't sure too.

But He was there before things crumbled, or before my faith fell apart. ' Don't just speak to me, show me! ' I demanded... And God showed Himself larger than everything put together. Bear got healed miraculously, ( was the thing there in the first place anyway? ). We sorted lots of knotty stuff, and learnt lessons along the way.
Domains beyond us simply worked out on their own. We didn't wrestle, it was more like we were utterly powerless to do so. Things, just happened God's way.

3 years of stumbling along the road, not some glorious business-like strategies they thought we've devised. Some like to say that we're lucky, I'd like to think that God just has this thing for the meek and simple. We're blessed.

Goodbye to what's painful but necessary, and hello to new grace. =)

Goodbye Hatamachi. Hello Matsumoto!


stay-at-home mum said...

Glad to hear that all's well eventually. God works in mysterious ways. Praise him!!

bp said...

yay to grace, thanks for sharing the long road it must have been for you, how your faith kept you going, i can imagine the difficulties along the way. *hugs* it's a beautiful new beginning that's just sprung :)... like all the beautiful blooms you've captured in these posts i'm catching via the reader, not always quick enough to come here n tell u how gorgeous they are.

i just wanna say, be so blessed my dearest Stardust, u n Bear, and reap bountifully your rewards, n wonderful blessings our good Lord gives, that's over n above what u sow or think!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Funny how things work out... your story was a reminder, a great encouragement that God is indeed in charge...

Loved your spring flower collection. I am always drawn to lupine - remindes me of days, backpacking in the wilderness.

umekotyan said...


from loved ume tyan

Feronia said...

Most situations come right in the end, it's just a matter of maintaining faith and positivity. Good for you, Stardust!