23 April 2010



ocky です。


It's the Japanese snack kids know since my era, correction : Bear's era. Still in style, still an extended favourite. And I like the way the Japs promote/preserve what's already a timeless make.


These giant-sized 90cm tall, 6cm in diameter, balloon every kids' joy, mine included. Free with every 2 packs of Pocky for a limited time only. 期間限定。 ;)



Piggy said...

The balloons are too cute! How I wish I can get them in Taipei too!

I can't resist buying a pack or two whenever I see Pocky's new flavours in the stores. It's my all time favourite snack!

stay-at-home mum said...

actually from my era, which is eons ago. And I love the japanese flavours that we dont get here, like melon pocky!

Hmmmm, even if I buy six packs I wont get that balloon :(

Have a great weekend!!

J.H said...

wow, that's a balloon? at first I thought you can buy real pocky that size, I almost scream of joy hahaha.
I am a great fan of pocky too, however only find it in London here whereby in Indonesia I can find it in superstore easily. Must be an asian thing haha..

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom loves seeing candy that she grew up with make an appearance again even for just a brief period!
We love your music! Bambi is an all-time favorite!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

bp said...

haha, BP's era too... or maybe more like my younger sis', hehe! the balloons look like a pair of chopsticks, cute!

have a gd weekend, dear!

DILLY said...

Be ickol choklit stiks?
Hav heer,
be calld Mikado!


Anonymous said...

my elder sis' i mean... BP pretending to be young still (re: SAHM's comments... era from eons ago, aiyoh lao liao!!!)