23 October 2009

My magic wand

Warning : this post may contain contents not be suitable for some.


I hate it when they do it to me! Spiders!! They spin webs like nobodys' business, in my room, at my balcony, within my territory!! I seethe at their insolence enlarging, each time with a larger web they spin!

Don't feign ignorance, I just spoiled your web the other day! Grr...

And they keep coming back my place like their favourite bar. Weave a magnificient thing overnight, or finish a good repair within hours, very efficient and annoying creatures.

So I resorted to mean means. Know the kitchen towel / kitchen paper? Or better known as my accomplice. No, not the paper, the core within, or the hollow shaft-like center, that most would have thrown away. I keep them as my secret weapon. Heheh.

Yeah, this fella at the left. My magic wand. And here's how the magic works:

* Extend wand's length by attaching 2 shafts with tape, if necessary.

* If the owner is around. HIT it with a swift swap! None has escaped alive so far.

* Break the web by 2 or few extended ends with a quick sweeps. This should leave the web intact but vulnerable.

* Wave or wield the wand at the web swiftly, just like how Harry Potter casts his magic! The remains of the web should cling to the wand readily.

* Throw the offending wand away. No cleaning of brooms or tools required.

Effortless, and it costs you nothing. Though it makes me look evil than I already am, I don't care, since they don't give a hoot if their thing makes my house look haunted.
In fact, I've just wiped out another stubborn one just now. Ha!

Gee... I hope that wasn't Charlotte.

Have a great weekend! =D


stay-at-home mum said...

hey! I whack them out the way you do too!!

bp said...

hehe, the power of stardust's magic wand, but like u, i too dread how fast these critters spin n re-spin their webs, and not always able to reach them at arm's length! but incidentally, i was reading a kid's story to ben abt a particular spider (2nd book we've come across with same spider named Anansi) who learned how to spin webs as a result of being tricked by a turtle into doing all the work going fishing together. it's a folktale of course, but we had a gd laugh here n there!

glad u n Bear caught the meteors... how wonderful that must have been! n enjoy your lovely lacquerware...

n a great weekend coming up! i heard from SAHM and also saw your comments at her blog, that you're able to access it again. yay!

umekotyan said...





from loved ume tyan

Feronia said...

A good plan, Stardust. Thanks for the tip. I've just read that black pepper is good on an ant trail, too. I should try it before I reach for that toxic fly spray next time...

Helena said...

Exactly! It's territory! Exactly!
You know, I am not afraid of them if I see them in the garden- don't like them, but not scary there- but in the house it's AAAARRRGH!!!!!
I have to get rid of them.
If not we will have to move house.
I turn the vacuum cleaner on them.
Up they go with a thwwwwwwooooop!
Then, because the cleaner is one of those Dyson type ones that are transparent in the middle, I can see him whizzing round and round and round and hahahahah serves you right you little monster, you should have stayed out of my house!

(Am I mean?)


Helena said...

Spiders hate the smell of cloves.
Get some clove oil and put it in a spray with some water... spray it around your doors and windows.... worth a try!