09 October 2009

Here, and left. 台風18号

Bear was granted a mercy leave yesterday, as an enormous typhoo was approaching Nagano. In fact, it swept all over Japan from south northwards.

The typhoo this time was a little different from those of the past 4 years. Pensive faces that the Japs wore seemed to foretell a catastrophe.

We were in bed when typhoo claimed Nagano its turf. Relentless howling winds, pressurized rain and even what sounded like scratches by a legion. Bear's churning in bed kept me alert. Was it Bear who moved, or typhoo that moved the house, or another earthquake? We just had a local earthquake 2 days ago, I had to be sure.

Woke up to a cloudy morning, darn cold, and I immediately checked the surrounding. Not a single tree split. 何だ... I thought the Japs were just a worrying lot, till we've checked the tv.

Sadly, the country is burdened with deceased, casualties, and losses everywhere. Our place is spared for probably our environment has less hazards around. We feel sorry for the apple trees, crops and others waiting to be harvested. Alas, the farmers have toiled a year in vain.

Typhoo here and gone, devastation and needs for recovery were all it left.

Earth, life, and everything that entangles... what vulnerability.


Cuisine Paradise said...

Hi sis,

Hope that everything is alright over at your side... Do take care and God Bless.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to your countrymen. How very sad.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

stay-at-home mum said...

Glad you are all safe! The weather has gone all wonky all over Asia - typhoons, earthquakes, floods, etc

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Stardust, glad you and family okay. It is sad to see the neighbouring countries suffering badly with loss of lives.
You stay easy and keep well, Lee.

umekotyan said...


from loved ume tyan

Feronia said...

Glad that you are both alright, Stardust. It goes to show that really, we are often at nature's mercy. Take care.

Feronia said...

Hi again Stardust,

I have an award for you! Come on over and visit at http://inayellow-wood.blogspot.com/

Feronia :)

bp said...

Stardust, big hugs for u, and take good care, my dear, you're in my thots n prayers. God's protection and love be continually on you and Bear and all in the country and especially those affected.