06 October 2009

Happy Birthday =)

This time of the year, I ought to be back in Singapore to celebrate Dad's birthday, but I'm not.

Don't ask, it wrenches me more.

I've always wanted a home 'easy' to return to. I guess nothing changes much after I've married distance away. But I'm ok...

Sometimes, I sigh at the fact that I'm born an Asian, correction; born in Asia. Worse, at an era neither here nor there, when kids are given in to western education by folks who are deeply rooted in their ethnic beliefs and values. We can hug or kiss a friend, but we can't do the same to dad and mom. People in my parents' generation, they don't embrace, kiss, say 'I love you', and even tears are taboos as they are considered inauspicious. Weird huh? If anyone out there relates to me.

Having mentioned my parents' reservation on expressing themselves, I've never felt an ounce less of what's called 'fatherly love' . In dad's presence, there is protection, I'll find understanding, and acceptance. I never had to be a 'race-horse' that outdo others or perform great to earn his smile, he delights at my every best. Many times when I look back, I couldn't have made it; without him. He's the kind of dad who'll make you think, an extra mile is worth walking, growth is beautiful, and agony is part of what makes life sweet. Even when the whole world turns its back on me, dad sees me through. He is the biggest cushion I fall back on when things fall apart, and I'd like to cuddle when I'm happy. But of course, I didn't. I haven't.

One of the most divine that has happened to me, I'm born dad's baby. =)

To the greatest Pa in the world, and though you may not know that your girl owns one of those what people call a 'blog' :

Happy Birthday, and I love you.

Star, Daddy's girl.


Cuisine Paradise said...

Hi Stardust,
Although i didn't know what had happened that cause you missed your yearly trip back but I am sure God will have the answer to what you are facing now. I was just about to email you on hw's your stay in Singapore until i saw this post. That explained why i kept hearing a woman voice calling me name.... Sister, if you are down in mood.. i hope you will look upon God for His unfalling love to you.... I belived one day... everything that you hope for your family will turn out well :)

Feronia said...

This is a beautiful tribute to your Dad, Stardust. Even if there are not big outward displays of emotion, you can clearly see that he is firmly in your heart, and you are in his :)

umekotyan said...




from loved ume tyan

Y.S said...

That's such a sweet way to expressing a happy birthday. I am 100% with you when you say asian root sometimes mean parents are reserve in front of their children. But nonetheless, love is language everyone can express... even with it is without hug and kisses :-)

bp said...

i can surely relate to the reserved show of love, but as you said it so well, your dad and you too know that you love each other so dearly. and i know, it's always harder for us when we're so far away and can't be part of the celebrations. i'm sure when you phoned (or skyped?) home with your b'day wishes for your dearest daddy, he was all smiles =) he loves u so v much!