28 October 2008

Ode to Fall

The colors tell it all... It's autumn.

It is generally agreed among the Japanese, that autumn is the most well-loved season of all. In fact, they ascribe many names to this season, one of them being ’読書の秋’( dokusyo no aki : the book-reading autumn). Apparently, the chilling temperature keeps readers from dozing off.

I'm not so sure about reading. I thought Autumn is sensuously poetic though...



'Tis autumn now; the corn is cut,
But other gifts for us are spread,
The purple plum, the ripe brown nut,
And pears and apples, streaked with red,
Among the dark green branches shine,
Or on the grass beneath them fall;
While full green clusters deck the vine
That trails o'er trellis, roof, and wall.


In our dear land the la-den trees
Be-speak God's providence and love;
He sends all needful gifts like these
For those who trust in Him above.
How good is He to make such choice
Of pleasant fruits for us to grow!'
Tis meet, indeed, that we rejoice
In Him who loves His children so.

Author unknown

The rice fields are dried and tidied. We get to enjoy 新米 ( fresh rice ) for several months from now.

Wagons of good stuff harvested, with many others awaiting their turn. We're having really delicious apples! Japan is famous for its many pride produce, and Nagano is the second prefecture well known for its delectable apples!


Quite unlike the majority, maybe I've yet come to appreciate autumn as much. I'm constantly worried about catching a nasty cold. There hasn't been a year that I'm spared from flu during cold seasons like autumn and winter.


Maybe my body will do better this year, and I'll be able to enjoy outdoor ' comfortably ' like the rest. Keeping fingers crossed. =)

Did you manage to spot this little one above?

Autumn, oh autumn... You've got to be good like they said...

You out there, be wary and don't catch a cold. =P


bp said...

Very nice pictures, as always, Stardust!

You keep warm and snug, yah?! The temp over where I am is also falling to below 0C this week, so back out comes our winter gear, so soon already!

Piggy said...

finally get the see pics of autumn, lovely! The apples are to die for... I can think of many types of desserts I can do with them!

BTW, i tried to send you an email, but got bounced back a few times, is your mailbox full?

J.H said...

oh, I had never seen the color of fall became that intense red (definetely never in UK!). Thanks for sharing.
p.s : I love the first picture the most :-) I think they are absolutely sentimental!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Beautiful really isn't a good word to describe your images. When I think of one, I'll try using it next time.

Stardust said...

bp, thanks!! BTW, I hate winter gear. =P

Piggy, I LOVE apples too! YUM!

J.H., UK certainly has beautiful colors of fall too, I think. =)

Maryann, thank you for your kind words. I'll be happy if you'll just drop by.

Mandy said...

lovely shots! I really like this series of photos!

Stardust said...

Mandy, thank you, I love your photos even more. =)