22 October 2008

I must have done something good

Lazy days...

Eversince the return from Singapore, I've morphed into a bag of lazy bones. It's hard to lift a finger, much less lay hands on anything. Arrgh! The house will be messy beyond recognition if I don't do something soon!

Bear noticed the languidness in me, and dragged me out from bed last Sat morning. Slept like a log in the car, till I woke up to a dream...


I woke up to a field of Cosmos!


Know Cosmos, a Mexican flower well-loved across Japan. Their soft petals bloom in sweet pink or dark, wine, orange, yellow and white. They sway a lot with the wind, and look as if they could dance! I literally see them everywhere during early Autumn.


Bear specially drove me to this Cosmos festival because they were flourishing at a grand scale of 50 soccer fields! Imagine the grandeur of the pink carpet before my eyes! =D



Bear was hoping to take a ride on the hot air balloon, but I was a little sick and worried about the swaying in mid air. Anyway, the organizer declined further users by the time we've reached the place. We weren't very disappointed, why should we? The flowers looked like an eternity! In fact, they were in such an excess, visitors are allowed to pick as much as they desire.

It wasn't long before the sun began to set, and I realised the amount of time Bear took to drive me to this beautiful place. ' You don't have to do this, darling. We have Cosmos everywhere. ' I said thoughtfully...


' I thought you may like this. We should ride the hot air ballon next time. ' and he gave a hug.


What exactly have I done to deserve such a loving Bear? =*) I don't need any hot air balloon, I'm on top of the world!
I may not have been a great person, but somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good...
I'm truly blessed. Thank you Bear.


Piggy said...

Beautiful!! now i know that cosmos bloom in autumn. No wonder I see so many pics of cosmos in Flickr recently. It must be nice to be surrounded by such lovely flowers. :-)

J.H said...

again, simply beautiful!
I love all those flower... I hope I could visit japan again one day :-)


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Honey! everytime I read one of your lovely post, I feel tears in my eyes cause it's really what I feel inside when I think about my hubby..don't know exactly what..but i should have done something really great indeed!
Stunning photos! I like cosomos too , we have them in Italy but during the spring time.
Kiss dear
ahhh...what did you do?..you exist..that's the greatest thing of all

stay-at-home mum said...

Those photos are magnificent. The sight must have been really breath-taking for you. You are one lucky girl.

phrensy said...

Hi stardust,
got here via http://seenthisscenethat.blogspot.com/ when you made a comment on an article written about Hort Park.

Just wanna say that i'm enjoying your blog very very much. Personally have an interest in japan and i love the photos that you capture! I've a thing for scenery too (^.^)

Hope you don't mind that i drop by often!


Ladybird said...

Lovely scenery and what a loving husband you have :) . It's so sweet of him to drive you to this beautiful place..and welcome back to Japan :)

spread your wings said...

i just happened upon your blog. WoW you ARE one lucky girl. thank you for sharing your photos of this magnificent experience of yours.

sharilyn said...

ah, stardust darling, it's so not about US but all about our amazing loving heavenly Father Who loves to give us good gifts!! He has truly blessed you, my friend... a wonderful caring husband and an incredible field of flowers...wow! (let me say that again...WOW!!!)

i would be tempted to frolic merrily and roll around in that magnificent field of pinkness!! or just stand in awe with my jaw dropped! :)

i am happy for you!

Stardust said...

Hey Piggy, I heard from some that Cosmos can be seen in Spring too. Maybe all it needs is some cold temperature?

J.H., surely your dream will come true.

Silvia dear, heheh, we must have done something good. ;) Hugs.

SAHM, thanks! But I think I'm more blessed than lucky. =)

Phrensy, thanks for dropping by. You're always welcomed. I've dropped by your place too, but it's not running yet. Let me know when you're ready, ok? =)

Ladybird KY, thank you... ( shh... actually I'm quite reluctant to be back =P ).

Spread your wings, thank you. You have a unique blog too.

Sharilyn, hahah, I wonder what you'll do among the flowers! Cute.

bp said...

Aw, so very sweet of the Bear... you both are truly blessed with each other =) Love these shots!

Stardust said...

BP, aren't you very blessed too, with your hubby and the awesome three? =D