15 October 2008

Back to Japan

Tired, I'm totally exhausted.

I've reached Japan on 13th Oct, but I left my heart in Singapore.

I miss the food, warm climate, tv, and especially my family.

Here's a mini scrapbook I've compiled, I hope it works. Pause the pages if you need to, they are flashing too fast I think. =P I'll catch you guys later...


sharilyn said...

WELCOME HOME!!!! missed you! :) i know it will be a bit of transition settling back in, but i pray you will find the small joys in your daily life back in your now-home... i am going back east to visit my family for six days next week (at the back end of a 3day work trip in Chicago)... it will be much too fast but i hope to be there in time for apple cider at the orchard and colorful fall leaves! glad you're back safe and sound...

stay-at-home mum said...

Guess you must be missing "home" already!! I am sure your family is missing you too. But you have the Bear with you now.

Piggy said...

You're back! I can imagine how tired you must be... hv a good rest and catch up with u soon. :-)

bp said...

Glad you had such a fruitful trip, and spending time with loved ones is always the most important of all, yeah? The food, glorious food is the bonus ;p

Re: your last post... you must be a "lenglui" (pretty gal), taking after your handsome your dad's genes. He must be v happy you could be there to celebrate his birthday. And look what a doting dad he is =)

Have a blessed rest of the week now, Stardust... I'll catch you later!

nessie said...

When will u be back again in SGP?

miss u..

umekotyan said...



from loved ume tyan