09 June 2011

At 37 weeks

oor mother elephant. It takes about 22 months for an unborn elephant to mature to birth. The shark known as the spiny dogfish has a pregnancy duration of 22-24 months. And at elevations above 4600 feet, the Alpine salamander endures a gestational period of up to 38 months!

Most of my lady friends claim that they can't wait to give birth as soon as they're reaching full term. I'm guessing some may call me a hypocrite if I say I don't, mostly because I'm not feeling particularly uncomfortable at this supposedly heaviest stage.

Breadcrumbs is considered full term today! But I'm choked with emotions when I realise that my kangeroo role is completing anytime soon. No doubt we're anticipating how the fella shall amaze us at birth, and reveals if he has curls like Bear's as I'm hoping, or my eyes like Bear is wishing...

I'm going to miss every single movement Breadcrumbs makes. His kicks, scratches, somersaults and pitiful hiccups. It's a private, secretive intimacy that only the mother and child shares. I remember having a hard time stifling a laugh when he bobbed like crazy while I was trying to pay attention to a stern doc. During the period when I had to be screwed again and again, little Breadcrumbs gave the most timely nudges as if to console me, 'Mommy, be strong!'. Until when I'm finally able to catch him under my thinner layer of clothes, when he moves, he moves my heart.

This experience is surely one of the most joyful in my life I'll remember. For now, I'm cherishing every single tap until the day Breadcrumbs makes his appearance.

And I know life will keep on amazing us. This day next year, I'll get to admire the Japanese snowbells outside with the fella in my arms.


bp said...

Amen, be continually amazed by our Amazing God and His goodness, season after season!

All the way now... we're all here cheering u on! Go, Babe!!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Our mom used to love the baby moving early on in her pregnancy when it felt like only a flutter. Towards the end, it got very uncomfy when she's trying to break out of your ribcage!
We're so excited for you, Stardust!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Helena said...

He SCRATCHES??????? OMG!!!!!

BTW, Bob has selected the cutest Bear to come and help welcome Breadcrumb :) I'll try to get him packed off on his journey to you this week!


Thank you for your lovely message on my blog. I think I'm almost ok again now...