28 December 2010

Christmas 2010

erhaps the most extraordinary Christmas to date!

Although home is hardly Christmassy this year, we had a beautiful white Christmas morning the natural way!


I had nothing laid down for dinner, so we settled for pizza. Miracle of all I could clean up half of it!!! HALF! If you knew how very little I've been consuming for the past weeks.

The search is over. The best Christmas cake crowned and if the rival bakeries aren't tearing it down, we're returning to this log cake for good. Yay!!


The only traditional part would have to be me making a call home on every Christmas. Besides, it's time that dad knows...

You see...

We're having a baby! Our first baby!

'Everything's great!' said gynae on the Christmas morning appointment, which also means we've passed the 1st Trimester. We - Bear, baby and I.

The past weeks have been unbelievable. Everything happened so quickly, overwhelming us all at once with none of our mental, physical or spiritual aspect ready! But God held the whole thing together with an enormous grace, more than we have asked. He is SO GOOD to us, praise Him!

Now I can't wait to eat like a normal human being again, you know how much I love to eat! Been sick like a dog for weeks due to morning sickness, am really looking forward to run my former powerhouse soon.

So, the baby beans spilled! I don't know why but it takes mammoth courage to do so. I can't even bring myself to tell most of my friends. Like many 1st time moms, I feel like attempting a walk rope without a harness, with all eyes watching but no one's ready to catch!

But I want this place to record God's wondrous works in our lives, this one especially. It'll be a joy to have kind souls join us in the baby watch. We need all the blessings in the world now!

Thank you... and note to friends connected on Facebook, it's in the vault alright? ;)

Last but not least, my heartfelt thanks especially to bp for praying and guiding along the way, things would have been so much harder without you... I'm truly blessed. :)


grub said...

seems like you had a great christmas. congratulations on your bundle of joy :D hope the morning sickness will wear off soon :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Yoohoo!! I am SOOOOOOOOO happy for you and bear!! Congrats!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Congratulations Stardust and Bear!
What awesome news! We are just thrilled for you!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

bp said...

YAY!!! I'm doing the happy dance with you, my dear, as all whom you share this great news with must also be really happy for you! So glad too your appetite is coming back, eat well, take good care! Be so wonderfully blessed every step of the way... you, Bear, and Baby!!! *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Stardust! What great news to share by year end! 2011 is going to be exciting!

gio said...

Wow, congratulations to you and Bear!! Its a thrilled good news!! I am so happy for you both!!
Do 'eat well (quality not quantity)' and 'rest well' as much as you can during 2nd trimester. 1st and 3rd trimester can be quite tiring though..
Take good care sis, let me know if any information you need =)

nessie said...

I was so happy wen u broke the news that u r pregnant. Take care dear. Missing u so much. Pls do update me of ur preggyhood. Pics plz....

J.H said...

congrats to you and bear, I still kept our fb conversation months back - what an answer to prayer!!! God is Good! Praying that you'll have a smooth pregnancy :-)

Stardust said...

Thank you everybody. :)