15 March 2010

White Day 2010

t was the White Day yesterday, when girls received a token of love from the guys - an exclusive practise in Japan, and Korea I heard? Genie-Bear-in the-bottle gave me the liberty to choose what I'd like to have.

So I asked for:

1. A good dinner
2. Romance

Landed on my lap:

1. My favorite Italiano
2. Shoes for Spring


3. Romance ( I mean it )




shoppingmum said...

I love your shoes!

J.H said...

wow, your Bear truly a romantic man. I love your new shoes, they are so "romantically" pretty!

stay-at-home mum said...

No white day over here, wor! Not fair!! Glad you had a great time *wink, wink*

Maggie and Mitch said...

Love the shoes!
We wish we had white day here!

Feronia said...

Lucky you! And what gorgeous shoes!!

bp said...

so sweet, the pretty shoes and all the romance in the air, and the special day set aside just for husbands to appreciate their wives, and Bear wooing you like this :)!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shoes!