09 March 2010

Love animals

've never liked zoos.

Despite so, I don't stop anyone from marvelling at the wonderful animals in an accessible way. If I ever get to bring my children to zoos one day, I won't forget to tell them that the poor caged animals didn't walk in on their own. Their limbs ought to carry them across the plains, they should prefer choosing their own habitat and landscape, feed on the freshest diet by means of their own effort... but the autocracy of human has robbed every single right of these animals behind bars.

If we ever have pets, we want to love them like they are one of us, and I want the kids to remember hard like how I've learnt from dad. Despite acquiring the largest tank I could find in store, dad didn't agree that it was good enough for my 2 terrapins. When my parrot undid its chain in the room with wide-opened windows, he soothed this tearing child as we watched it from a corner. 'Let it go if it wants to... ' his tender words I remember.

I am thankful that I've never touched bear gall or relevant stuff all my life, but I'm guilty of having sharkfins until civilization has refined in the Chinese circle. There's still a large room for improvement till the elimination is concreted, I'm doing my part by avoiding shark fins as long as it depends on me.

I haven't watched The Cove, but I need not yet another documentary come tell me that we human have already got more than enough we can consume! That we have long lived a selfish and barbaric lifetstyle behind callous excuses. Sadly, introspection isn't finding its way into some most polished societies.

What is culture, or the value of having one that exemplifies cruelty. Can you be proud of it?

Maybe, I'm just being self-opinionated, insolent, disrespectful... oh yes I am. But I would rather be called names than to cower before a bigger conscience.

Love animals.


stay-at-home mum said...

I have a vegetarian niece (becoz she cant bear to eat any animals) and a nephew that wont eat sharksfin. Guess thats my contribution towards "conserving" some of the animals, coz I love my meat too much. But I will try. Promise.

J.H said...

That's a great post Stardust, I am 100% agree with you. Although, I should say many zoo in UK is housing injured/disable animal that otherwise will die in the wild.
I don't eat shark fin too... it's doing damaged to environment if we killed too much predator in the wild (and it's just for the tiny winey fin!).