23 March 2010



n between mild snowfalls, the wind has certainly taken a change in nature these days. It wraps like a warm caress under the friendly sunshine. I feel flirty with every gust that lifts my hair in wavy extensions.


I can't wait for Spring to fall into my arms opened wide! More sunlight it'll bring, with musical birds, blooming trees, and pretty outbursts of life everywhere! For first, this place is getting a whiff of the plum blossoms.




Buddy's princess has turned 1. =) Wanna know how pink her full chubby cheeks look like, the picture above tells something. The adorable smiler represents this season... She loves me, for I'm the only stranger allowed to carry her. Heheh!

Enough of those overhead, don't forget that the pretty ones beneath the dormant soil are revived once more. I've always loved dainty wild flowers like such.


I probably don't get to put on my new Spring wear often, alas; Bear's project is now running hot and predicted to burn more weekend hours. We'll be catching the season only in chips and pieces, until norm is resumed. Hopefully, the war will be over before Sakura blooms.


Nevertheless, tis a season to feel lovely.


I'm cluelss about how it got there, this sunken heart is flushed with the surface of the ground.
Exquisite huh?


Feronia said...

Spring in Japan would be beautiful! Thanks for giving us a glimpse, Stardust :)

J.H said...

seems like more material for wallpaper will come up real soon :-)
Excellent pics Stardust!

Maggie and Mitch said...

The sunken heart is awesome! We love all of your beautiful cheerful flowers, Stardust and we LOVE your new header picture!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

stay-at-home mum said...

oh how I miss the sakura in Japan. I have not been there (in spring) for some 10 years already!!

bp said...

ooh, how gorgeous! n u always have such a great eye for the tiniest details, including that heart!

take care, i can imagine u may be burning the midnite oil too to be by Bear's side, cheering him on. all the best to him with the project, n i look fwd to yet more shots of spring. over here, other than the birds chirping n sun out, the blooms aren't quite happening yet.