15 May 2009

Sweet May

Umm.. if you remember I've mentioned a couple of days ago about having caught 'May disease'. =P

Blogger pal Silvia then shared that it's 'April disease' for the Italian! 'Sweet April, sweet sleeping' she adds, which probably explains the unusual tardiness among the natives during April.

Now I see... so April disease is to Italy, and May disease is to Japan!! I'm having May disease alright!

Anyway, just forget me, and thanks a million ( I mean it! ) to everyone concerned. I'm really ok, the momentum is coming back and see? My fingers can type! What's more, it's Friday!!


Besides, it truly has been a sweet May, what's there to lament about. =) Happy weekend!


Comella said...

Interesant bog.

J.H said...

Beautiful as usual! Not only the picture, I love the glow effect on the words you put up on your banner.
Enjoy your may, inflicted by May disease does not sounded bad at all :-)