19 May 2009

Recollection of Spring '09

It has been a fairly busy Spring. Much stuff to attend to thus missing much lovely blooms as a result. However, as I sit here and recollect, I realise it isn't awfully empty as I've thought.


I'm acquainted with the rich yellow of Adonis for the first time. Cute like buttons, and cuter when they dot the plains like spilt yellow M&Ms.

The Japanese has high regard for Adonis, ' 福寿草 '. As its name bears meaning of ' happiness ' and ' longetivity '. While I see them with respectful regards, for their hardy nature that breaks the snow bed to make that bloom.

Alongside, other wild faces revealed, with names we've not heard of, but still darlings to look at.
Adonis with 'huh' and 'huh'.


Sakuras and blossoms of peach trees, unlike wild flowers above, but yeah they do outburst with a frenzy demeanor.


Back to yellow, bright and cheery this time, my favourite Rape blossoms in generous scales.


With pleasure to have Bear's folks joined us in a dense maze of blooms.


Not forgetting delicious comforts that are capable of soothing strained days and stressed minds. Or am I just too easily pleased? =P

Whatever it is we're dealing with, all's good in God's hands as we take little steps of faith forward. This Spring may be a lil challenging, but we're working things out like how a team should be, something that I'm truly grateful about.


stay-at-home mum said...

Oh how I miss spring time for its beautiful flowers!! Esp in Japan.

Thank you for sharing those beautiful pics. And those desserts ... they look so yummy! Just looking at it is making me fat!

J.H said...

I always believe that spring is the most romantic time in Japan (probably I read too much manga, but nevermind).
Oh yes, and thats include enjoying the blossom and eating fave sweet savour dish with your loved one.

Ellena said...

Wow.. sis, you have never failed to impress us with those beautiful photos... After looking at these ....it makes me more determind to save up to make a trip over to JAPAN.... :)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Adonis looks like buttercups. Our grass needs cutting but Mummy won't do it cos she duzzent want to hurt the buttercups!

We have fields of rape seed heer too! Lots ov brite yello. Dilly carnt say yello she sez "Lello". She sez it evry time we drive by it- "Lello field! Lello field!"

Sakura is the nayme ov sum ov Mummy's pens.

Nice desserts!!! SLURP! :@}

Piggy said...

How time flies! I still remember your pictures of rape blossoms last year, and now it's blooming again! I like the orange flower with no name, so pretty!