03 March 2009

Baby it's cold outside

It's cold outside, in fact, it's snowing.

Come to think of it, if there must be Brrring in winter anyway, I would rather have snow!

I'm a good girl today ( normally, I'm not ). I've just returned from an errand, which is quite unusual during weekdays, but I desperately need some must-haves for the steamboat dinner tonight.


Off I went happily, and hoping to capture some nice pictures of snow during the trip, only to realise that this place is too neighbourhoody. An intrusive camera is somewhat considered an offensive sight, there isn't any decent landmark to help the snow stand out either.

No, it's more like me cooking up excuses for the trashy photos / cheesy post.

It happens... especially when one's well of inspiration has dried up. =P


Ok, I'm bad afterall. But believe me, the falling snow was breathlessly pretty... I had fun brushing my eye lashes laden heavy with snow. =)

Meanwhile, something else pretty is lying backstage.


It's whispering, ' Spring '.




J.H said...

spring is coming....spring is coming :-)
can't wait to see more of your creative picture.

stay-at-home mum said...

I hope that with the steamboat you will be warmly inspired! Keep warm!

Love your accompanying music!

XUE said...

Yes, it finally snowed in the city - twice in a week. Sadly, the snow didn't lasted long on the ground as it wasn't that much.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

The warmer weather is going to be great & all the life. The deep greens everywhere are my favorite! Your images are beautiful.

bp said...

How beautifully you've captured these first buds of spring... they have blossomed so soon over your end already! I can't wait for the cold to let up ...