30 March 2009

Super Heroine

Sometimes, don't we just need a super hero in real life to look up to?

Someone who is less than deity, and makes dreams believable again. Someone who dances drama of fall and success in flesh like yours and mine.

Someone who isn't influential enough to spin the world, pounce like Spiderman, or dress like Batman. Or maybe, this someone does. My super heroine spins on ice, flips in midair and dresses in outrageously dazzling outfits while revealing matching undies!!

18 year-old South Korean, Yuna Kim may not be the most formidable athlete I've known for the past 15 years of figure skating sports history.
The self-claimed untalented, is ballet-non-trained, has no particularly unique feat under her belt, but she conquers the ice with a down-to earth personality and earned my deep admiration since 3 years ago.

Young Yuna understands that everyone is worthy of being her rival, but the worst rival is in herself. Her goal is to perfect her powerful jumps and beautiful executions, to be remembered as a good skater by many, rather than bagging medals home.

Yet, the perfectionist contradicted herself, by fetching numerous golds while ascending the throne as Queen in her peoples' hearts. Superstar Yuna not only skates. She struts on runways, appears in commercials, sings on tv shows, displays politician potential by propelling organisations, and boldly chided unethical media sources at pony-tailed-16!

However, she didn't astound me with the mentioned above.

Yuna still donates a huge fraction of her earnings to organisations and needy sportsmen, as she didn't forget how she was almost forced to give up skating because of fund shortage. She offers coaching to young skaters whenever she finds a breather from tight training schedule. Shows no contempt of other good skaters while dilligently correcting her faulty footwork.
A noble athlete, steadfast worker, humble acheiver, and philanthropist.

Last weekend, my super heroine stepped up the podium as the World Champion for the first time in her skating career. It was the first time I saw Yuna shed uncontrollable tears.
So, super heros cry too. Super heros pick themselves up several times too. Super heros put in time and constant effort though they may not always win without fail. And aren't super heros a lot like us in a way? And maybe, there's this little hero concealed in everyone of us?

Since the demise of Princess of Wales, Diana, Mother Teresa and Audrey Hepburn, I've been looking for an inspiring icon that represents feminine strength and internal beauty. Someone who's a fighter, generous and modest. I'm delighted at this young super heroine who's going to wow me for years to come. It thrills me just to know that she'sb constantly renewing herself as a dignified accomplisher, but not just another contender to win the prize.
It's nice to have a super heroine to look up to. I hope that you have one too, or maybe, your super heroine lies in you. =)


umekotyan said...



from loved ume tyan

stay-at-home mum said...

Yes, must always have someone to look up to, to inspire us to do better!!

J.H said...

that's incredible talent! I enjoy the video so much, thanks for sharing!!!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

I can't wait to watch her performance... I'll have to come back. Glad that her spunk & class have inspired you so.

I'm half Korean, and this is the first time I've heard of her. So out of touch.

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

wow she must be sooo talented! and look so stunning and beatifull1
thanks for the video she is great!

a big kiss my dear twin!


Maggie and Mitch said...

We are smiling through tears! She is simply beautiful and so very, very talented!