01 January 2009

Happy New Year & the God-Blessed Box is 1!

Happy, HAPPY NEW YEAR to every single one of you out there!!

this joyous day of the new year, the God-Blessed Box celebrates as it turns 1 today!!

It's actually more like, a celebration over the many blessings and grace that were blogged in 2008, a reason that Stardust is deeply thankful about. =) And the friendship found across oceans, people I've never met but always have been kind and so very encouraging to me. You guys are totally fantastic and I certainly hope that I've been a good blog pal too.

SO! What's in store for the God-Blessed Box in 2009? I'm crossing fingers as I find out. ;) And I pray, that every each one of you will have a truly wonderful year ahead. Stardust sincerely wishes everyone a splendid 2009, with new hopes, dreams to be fulfilled, world peace and love!



Ladybird said...

Happy New Year to you too! Wish you a wonderful year ahead!

Something About Us said...

Happy new year and Happy blogoversary! :)

- Ling

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy New Year!

Happy blogoversary!

stay-at-home mum said...

Happy Blogoversary and Happy New year! Thank you for the friendship made and the wonderful photos you have been sharing with us. May we share many more blogging years together! Congrats!

sharilyn said...

stardust, happy blogging birthday!! what a sense of accomplishment for you, and what a blessing for those of us who have been PRIVILEGED to get to know you a bit... to read your writings and see the sights through your eyes! thank you, my friend! and for all the encouraging and kind words you have sent my way... i am grateful for you!

i wish for you and bear the most wonderful year ahead...full of love and laughter, even through the difficult parts of life... peace in your hearts and joy inexplicable!

with love across the big waters, ~sharilyn

happy happy new year!

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...


Happy Blog Birthday! and Happy New Year! Thanks for your email and blessings for the coming year. May it be a year full of hope, peace and abundant love in your life!


.:*:. Ferípula .:*:. said...

Happy Anniversary Blog
greetings from Argentina!

Anonymous said...

Stardust, have a great 2009. Congrats on the blogoversary, I simply love your blog so much. Keep up the good work.

J.H said...

you have been a great cyber friend yourself pal!
Well, I hope we can see each other in person. If it is not in this life, let be on of second life in paradise.
God bless you and your loved one!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Happy New Year & Happy Anniversary.

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

My darling! happy new year full of joy and health and god love to you and you family! sorry for my long absence but I had to work a lot during these holidays..but I've always thought about my sweet twin!
god bless you

Debra said...

Happy New Year and Happy Blog Anniversary, too! :) Love that tune that's playing.

Piggy said...

Time flies! Happy blogoversary and looking forward to more great posts from you!!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Happy New Year!!! Hope yu had a grayte Crismoss, too! :@D

Belaytid happy Blogoversary!

Oh, an Mummy sez thanks for the postcard, too!

~ Jade ~ said...

Belated Happy Blogoversary, Stardust! Wow, have known you for a year oredi, my pal! Times flies! Can wait to see more of your wonderful and inspiring posts for 2009. Will stay tune to What's in store in your God-Blessed Box! =)

Stardust said...

Ladybird, Something about Us, Teena, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

SAHM, thank you for your warmth and friendship. E-mbrace.

Sharilyn, I'm grateful for you too. Thanks for sharing a piece of your world with me.

Kimberly, I wish you the same too!

Feripula, thank you beauty!!

Anonymous, thank you!!

Jade, thanks for your warm support, I'll see you too!

J.H. Bless you too. Hugs.

MaryAnn, thank you, I wish yours good too.

Silvia, thanks and hugs...

Debra, thank you! Me too!

Piggy, thank you and make me drool more!

Bob, thank yu an nose hugs...