12 January 2009

Japan, through foreign eyes

It was about a month ago when my family flew over from Singapore to visit us! =)


I was truly thrilled by their second visit to where I now call 'home', since their attendance to our wedding. On the flip side, I was also wrecking brains over what to show them at this ghost town I'm staying.

Anyway, we've managed to bring them places. Here's Japan through their eyes!


Above everything, I prayed hard for snow. Yes, SNOW!!! as my folks who've inhabited the isle at the equator are acquainted with no seasons but summer, all their lives. A perfectly white winter was all they needed! And God is faithful!! It snowed from heavens during a weekend and washed everything dazzling white! Praise the Lord!!


It was written all over their faces, I guess the sight was simply too beautiful beyond description. Deep inside, I couldn't help thanking God for this special blessing of snow. =)

We slipped to Tokyo, Disney Land & Sea, neighbouring prefecture... Shopping, Japanese cuisine experience, sight-seeing, ski, walks, and guess what my family told me. They couldn't understand why I would reminisce Singapore despite having so much cool stuff here. Huh?!?

I shan't digress to explain myself... Their trip was sealed with a traditional sensation at a Japanese inn. What's a trip to Japan without a hot spring bath?


Nudity before strangers is not something I'm comfortable with. It's a lot of awkwardness even in public bath of a common gender. Things got a little better after Bear has exposed me to bath experience for several times. However, private spring baths like these best put me at ease.

Sometimes, private spring baths are allocated at individual guestrooms, some with outdoor setup that I love the most, excellent when furnished with jacuzzi. =)

And what's a Jap trip without experiencing the gorgeous presentation of Jap cuisine! The hospitable inn specially prepared extra dishes on the house, when they found out that they were entertaining guests from Singapore. The lavish course of Japanese fine food and taste never fails to impress my family.


Time spent in Japanese inns is rightfully slow and restorative, but I was busy clicking away at my family, offering translation, explanation, stuff like that. I was thoroughly busy!


Nevertheless, I had a truly great time with my family. And I hope that they've bagged some wonderful memories home. I guess, travelling Japan may have never crossed their mind if I'm not married to Hubby Bear, as they always have other 'cool' destinations on their list.

My parents were especially delighted when we caught an unexpected fireworks at my place! Their grins were convincing, they must have had a marvelous time with us. =)


~ Jade ~ said...

Glad you and your family had a wonderful time together! Must had been a teary moment when you have to send them off though, right? Would love to have you as my guide if I do travel to Japan =P. I would love to visit an outdoor hotspring with snowflakes falling around me! haha!
Oh ya...3 more days and your beloved bear will be back home soon...no more lonely nights, Stardust! =)

J.H said...

wow, that is really reminded me of my trip to japan years back!Absolute tranquility and calmness scenery, those are really breath taking. And yes, you are such a fortunante girl to have such a kind hubby bear :-)

XUE said...

How wonderful that yr family came over & got to experience a real winter! Yes, I can imagine that is the dream of anyone coming from any tropical island! That inn & the onsen look fab! Our problem is our limited choice since we don't speak the language. Have to urge my kids to study harder at their Japanese lessons so that they can surf the Japanese websites!

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

I am glad you had a wonderful time with your family... it looks like everything went especially well!

stay-at-home mum said...

Beautiful! I am sure your family had a super time there! (BTW - I love Japan!!)
Care to share the names of the places - eg the Inns with the private baths, restaurant, etc .. so that I can try them out the next time I am there. Thanks so much!!

Ellena said...

Hi dear friend,

Glad that your family enjoy their stay over at your place and I am sure in their heart it's not a so call "ghost town" like what you think off.... I must said, the place that you stay is so so so so much filled with God creation.... esp the nature scence and environment that a lot us long for.....

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

wow dear these photos are amazing! that snow is absoloutely perfect!! your family was for sure happy to stay with you and in that magical place you now call "home"
a big embrace and an even bigger kiss
love u

sharilyn said...

Stardust, darling, you have been tagged! see my post for today (1/13/09) come, join the fun! :)

bp said...

yes, i'm sure your family enjoyed themselves and their time with u n Bear! i love how you've captured everything, and there must be lots of pixes of you guys altogether too =) precious!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

I'm glad that you had such a wonderful visit with your family.

The hot springs are my FAVORITE! There is one up north that is the vest after a day on the slopes... I haven't been to it in years. I had to chuckle thinking about a time in Korea when all of the women stared at my SoCal tan lines...

Good times!