15 January 2009

It's over


The Bear is finally returning from his business trip today!
Awful wait it was. Cooking for one sucks. Snow fell almost everyday but thank God, no shoving so far. Sleepless nights, mysterious chest pains... Argh, it's finally over! Thank Jesus!

And after all that, while Bear is probably heading home at this moment, I'll be preparing my stuff, all ready to leave with my luggage. Yes, I'm leaving the Bear. I reckon many would be shocked to learn this, but nothing's gonna stop me now. For...

I'm leaving to celebrate Chinese New Year at Singapore!! ( Confetti )

It's going to be the joyous time again! =D Lots of good food to die for, awesome moments with family and friends! Bear arrives a week later to play nuisance, but of course, I simply adore his presence. ;) YEEE, I can't wait to hug him!

Besides giving thanks for God's grace, I appreciate your warm presence during this lonely span. You've been sweet. =)

Stardust will be back soon! Meanwhile, I'll see you from Singapore!


sharilyn said...

ah yes, i have never been successful at cooking for one, though it's always been just me! i cook soups in a giant stock pot and try to give away as much as possible! :) so glad your bear is home and also that you get to go "home"! what joy for you!! :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Glad the wait is finally over ...... both for bear and the trip here.

Wheeee!! How long will you be here?? Also Pls get the pains checked out.

Stardust said...

Sharilyn dear, you're one very generous person. Thanks so much for your loving.

SAHM, YEAH! IT'S OVER! 2 weeks' all I have. =( And thanks for your concern. =)

Ling That's Me said...

yeah yeah...coming back to Sg! hope you will enjoy your CNY here :)

~ Jade ~ said...

Hey Stardust babe,

I also experience chest pain at times (Stressful period). When it happens I had to stop whatever I am doing and breath slowly. Some of my volunteers whom I work with had also advised me to go for a check cos they suspect it could be mild heart attack. Worry, worry...So, the 2 of us better do a check-up like what SAHM had advised, k =).

Oh Bear comes and you go again =) nevermind, your Bear will be catching up with you real soon when you are back HOME here in SG! What a feeling to be back in hometown during this festive celebration! More steamboat for reunion?!? haha. Have a great and fabulous time back here my dearie.

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

beloved twin this is a great new! hope your bear is safe at home now. wow the chinese new year is something that I'll remeber forever since part of my honeymoon was spent just in singapore during that period..:-P yes almost our anniversary :-D
I hope you'll have a fantastic time and send you lots of kisses!

umekotyan said...




from loved ume tyan

Ladybird said...

oh dear..u're going back in sg for cny! And I'm stuck in Germany! *sob sob*
Have a great time back home! :)

bp said...

Yes, please do see a doctor about the pains.

Yippee! And extra cause for joy, as Bear can make the S'pore trip this time also! Have a happy reunion with your family!!!

XUE said...

Have a good trip, J ! Gong xi fa cai & stuff up on pineapple tarts!!

J.H said...

wow, going home? nice one!
You'll certainly enjoy your time with family and friends in sg :-)

umekotyan said...


from loved ume tyan

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Wa-heyy! Look at that Bear!!!

Kate said...

Hey, wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year :) hope you have a wonderful tine with your family :)

Cheers !!

bp said...

How's it going in home sweet home? Enjoy your CNY with your loved ones and friends! GONG XI FACI!