09 February 2011


here's this undescribable lightness under my feet these days.

*I feel bliss
with every wisp of flutter Breadcrumbs makes day and night. Ah yes, before and after meals, and the fella being most active in the afternoon, like this moment. :) On weekend mornings, still in bed, it's amusing how Breadcrumbs gives me some strongest nudges as if to press for breakfast.

*I have a lot to thank the cold for. Not only I'm recovering, I've discovered that I no longer need the meds that curb nausea. Recovering agility and vigility, I guess the morning sickness is finally over.

*Yays when my closest friend in Japan has decided to reside in this country permanently! Not for my sake alright, but we just can't stand losing the other oar!

*We're finally gathering goods listed on that intimidating sheet - stuff for newborn. Imagination ran wild when the baby carrier was here this morning. I think I've forgotten how babies weigh, smell, play and cry like, how babies are really like.

*Before finding out how the newborn is like, I shall enjoy the sweet company of my baby brother coming my place in 2 weeks' time. What reassurance to have him around, my personal laughing pie. And his strong arms can sure help me a lot. Heheh.

I'm having myself back, getting better grasp of things and behold, Spring is moving closer. I can't think of a reason not feeling happy.

But I think I need a nap now. Ok, the sleepy thing still hangs around.


Maggie and Mitch said...

We can hear your happiness and you have us smiling, Stardust.
We are so happy your closest friend is staying in Japan!
Enjoy your brother's visit.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

stay-at-home mum said...

oh! What a treat to have your brother visiting. YAY! Am so glad to hear that the morning sickness is now all gone, so eat up and put on all the weight you need! I am Happy to know that you are happy! Have fun preparing for the arrival of the little one, and enjoy whatever time you have for yourself. And yes! take that nap. Wish I could too. Happy zzzz -ing!

bp said...

I am happy too just hearing how happy you are and all the many happy things.. flutters, feeling like yourself again plus eating better, your closest friend there to stay, younger bro visiting, n prep for Breadcrumbs' arrival... to be happy n thankful for!! So happy for you!! *does happy dance with you*

J.H said...

glad to hear everything sounded so exciting on your side :-))) keep us updated on your little fella!