06 August 2010

The peaches are travelling

These days may be roasting at 35 degrees celcius or so, but the body is cleverly adjusting! =D In fact, we're enjoying Summer's treats like gelatos and delicious fruits.

Summer would mean that fridgey will smell like mouth-watering white peaches ( 白桃 ). Japan's white peaches are nothing I've come across in my earlier living years.

First, the trees are really pretty in Spring.


Then, the fruit looks sexy and tastes wicked good in Summer!


I love sinking teeth into the tenderly soft flesh that sends a honeyed waterfall down my cheeks and throat. But it's a little blue everytime having them - I so hope to bring peaches home for dad someday! He'll love em.

Guess what? The peaches A.R.E. going home this year. I'm travelling in 2 days!! Yay!!

And I get to use Piggy's handmade pouch this trip, how timely! ;)

As for Bear, he'll be one baking cookie in Japan. =P
Ohh he'll be fine, summer nights are cool!







He gets all these to himself at the comfort of home. ;P Plus more peaches from fridgey!

So see you from Singapore!


stay-at-home mum said...

And you will be baking in Singapore ... the rain seems to have stopped and it has become unbearably hot again!!

And those peaches are really yummy! But so expensive (we paid about $10 a peach when we were in Osaka, and FIL - who just came back paid about $20 each) and they are even more expensive in Singapore - $148 for a box of 6!!
BTW- how long are you back for? Maybe we could meet?

Maggie and Mitch said...

We don't like fireworks but yours are so beautiful, Stardust!
We do happen to love peaches! yummmmmmmmm

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

White peaches? Wow I never had white peaches. I ownly ever had er, well, PEACH cullerd wuns reelly. Hope yu hav a luvly time in Singapore. Mummy sez she went thare wunce and it waz reelly nice an she allways wantid to go bak an vizit agen. She sez it's all sunny an flowery. Not shor that larst bit is for me. But it wud be nice to meet yu thare.

J.H said...

my goodness Stardust, how can I possibly miss this post??? this is the most awesome fireworks pics I saw!!!