10 August 2010

NDP afterthoughts

Lil Bro D turned 20 yesterday, on Singapore's 45th National Day. =)

Everyone at home would talk about his 1 yo birthday episode : We were watching the national day parade on tv and there he panicked in his baby wheelers and cried, for he mistook the parade commander on screen 'screaming' at him. 19 years later, I'm so proud of the baby who shed the wheelers and commanded one of the military tanks at the parade square, and salute the President of Singapore.

Time flies.

Sis and I chased the tanks down the streets, with heavy equipment, in the hot sun, thru all that ardent crowd. She with her bad foot and me with an ebbing stamina ran so hard anyway until her poor feet suffered cuts. But it's been ages since we've done something together - so focused and one-minded; like how we used to make giant burgers with pillows. We were bolder monsters then.

Time doesn't take affections away.

I've never liked the hair-raising national day songs during school days, we sang because the teachers wanted us to. Who knows the songs have turned heart-gripping with years, especially since I've moved away. Near the parade square where Kit Chan sang 'Home', sis and I were listening as we sat side by side like little children... As memories flooded back tears just filled my eyes. I've finally heard the national day songs, with my heart for the first time.

Things get knowing with time.

This is home truly, where my heart will always be. And I'm so glad I'm back.

And I'll be proud of my heritage a lifetime. Majulah Singapura.


stay-at-home mum said...

yes! The songs also mean more to me now, esp after having lived abroad. And Kit Chan is really talented!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

The memories of growing up with siblings are the best!
Love the video. What a pretty song!

J.H said...

gosh, that song really sting the nationalistic sentiment :-) Love it!!! I wonder what my country came up on 17th aug.
Meanwhile, happy birthday Singapore :-)))

umekotyan said...


それでは、またね♪ :)

from loved ume tyan

bp said...

awww, i know and feel what you mean, i'm glad you got to be in S'pore for your brother's special day (Happy Birthday!) and special moment (WOW! WAY TO GO!)all on S'pore's big day!

have a great rest of the visit catching up with your loved ones and close friends!