04 August 2010

Handmade by Piggy


ought to have blogged this way back earlier, but the busyness and heat got the better of me. (~~)

Know Piggy - She cooks, bakes, travels, snaps, snacks, sews, crochets, and the list rolls on. Really, is there anything I know she's not good at! I adore her motivation, that constant strive on perfection, and humility to share. Besides being blessed with a private consultant on all things kitchen and earthly, I'm thankful for her listening and encouraging presence, always just a mail away. =)

And a mail from Piggy came weeks ago. Look what she's made me with her creative hands!


Coasters, with very neat stitches.


Pouch good for travelling. I love the details and materials used!



And us. With pink cheeks!

Yup, little do most know, while ' Bear ' is hubby-honey, I'm his ' Bunny '. It's a zoo at home.

Thank you Piggy for the special gifts, they're just precious! We'll be up on the Christmas tree this year! ;)


Maggie and Mitch said...

What beautiful handmade gifts by Piggy! She certainly is a very talented lady!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

J.H said...

wow, that is soooo cute and pretty.
You are so fortunate surrounded by talented friend.
Btw, hope everything goes fine on your side babe :-) Thank you for loads of prayer from you, I am officially getting my house key today!

bp said...

All so well- and lovingly made by a friend who loves you so much. I especially love the Bunny and Bear, how apt... and they look so cute together :)