29 July 2010


It happens.

Besides, S's recent visit helped reason the sweet binge - summer is a bad time. Flowers are done for, heat; there is. So get the tickets to sweets.

Grin... But grins didn't last when S arrived and started complaining about her earlier stay in boring Saitama.

Err... welcome to Matsumoto.

We went to the 'national treasure' Matsumoto castle, and the other 'must-see' landscapes. But of course, nothing here impressed typical Singaporean S.

Matsumoto couldn't have measured up to Singapore even a century later like S summed it - the environment looks desperately behind. There's nothing to see. People are cold. Shopping is atrocious, stuffs are expensive so it explains why she's not paying.

The only good would have to be food. Oh yes, Singaporeans looooove food.

Anything else appealing must be Bear. For S made eyes at him under my nose so frequent I had to find my jaw many times.

I don't know but I was like amused, bemused. And I mused... Was it the summer heat? (@@) But I gotta thank S for helping me remember the charm in Bear.. Seeing each other everyday makes one oblivious of lines and nature that fine.

' Blah blah blah... I can't believe why you're living here.'

Ok. Nobody believes that I didn't get married in order to live here.

Hey Bear, got that? Nobody like S would marry you if it means staying here.

Nevertheless, I totally get S you know, in my very Singaporean instincts. But the Matsumoto-nic facts aren't making me trade my greater blessings.


So, it's HERE I'm living. Laid back, simple, and I breed a safe degree of gluttony. It's alright, no Singaporean is watching. =P


Maggie and Mitch said...

Oh my goodness! Look at all of these yummy desserts! We are drooling!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

grub said...

gluttony is fine :D as long as it's done in moderation ^_^

the photos of the cakes look very delicious :D and i think i see fresh wasabi XD

J.H said...

I always love Japanese cake, they are looking so pretty, cute and have this clean cut appearance.
Talking about glutonny, thats remind me I need to get a BBQ before summer is gone...!

bp said...

Bless you my dear for being the gracious and generous hostess to S! I also think you chose right and remember that our good Lord gives us only THE BEST, even tho sometimes in the eyes of the world it may seem less for what we have "traded in". making the trip back for me after these years let me see what i have "put behind" and to be honest it's not easy, but when God opens new doors as He has for my family, and likewise for you by bringing you all to the way to Japan and blessing Bear with the awesome wife and helpmate you are, He continually pours out His blessings over and above what we ask for!

Be so God-blessed always, my dear Stardust :). Have a wonderful trip akan datang! The way you put it, sounds to me that Bear is not going with you?