23 July 2010


What? What Hydrangeas? Mine have crashed and burnt since the first day of Summer.


How can Jap's summer be so hot?!?! Some regions were even having 39.4 degrees celcius yesterday!

Given the oven-like climate, it's hard sitting still even for lunch. Only by night when the breeze is cool and inviting, I'm finally acting human. There's a regimen of sitting by the window before bed, to watch the stars and ease the nerves before bed else I couldn't have slept after all that day of fidgets.

And do my careless gaze across the room like the other night, and I caught Rowndy, whom I've forgotten to blog about out of busyness, showing signs of withering. It has fully bloomed since 3rd May, 23 blooms in total, and lasted this long. =)



Yup, Rowndy is a darling to have, my homegrown pride whenever friends shower praise over it ( well, those friends who understand orchids ). I just hope that it'll be kept healthy always...

While Rowndy is soon retiring to a dormant state again, look what I'm starting to ganer to the table.


' Very very sweet tomatoes. Wait a minuite, are they.... '

' Yes sir, they are our very homegrown. '


stay-at-home mum said...

you definitely have a green thumb ...love your plants. Mine are blue, cant even keep a cactus alive!.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Rowndy is just gorgeous, Stardust, and mom adores the photo of your hydrangeas!
We have only green tomatoes on our plants - no red ones yet!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Helena said...

Rowndy is gorgeous :)
I have a tomato plant outside and so far have 6 green little baby tom's on it. I couldn't live at 39.5 degrees!!!!! It has been 30 here and that is too hot for me!!!!

Feronia said...

What a beautiful orchid! And those tomatoes...yum!

grub said...

hydrangeas must be pretty popular in Japan, i've seen lots of photos of them!

wow 39.4 degrees! too hot!! reminds me of the terrible summer we had in Melbourne a few months ago. the highest temperature 43 degrees D:

and your tomatoes have a lovely shade of orange red :)

J.H said...

*about to faints seeing your hydrageas....*
You definetely a green thumb... what a bloom you have there!