22 February 2010


It began in the teenage years, I developed a great pick up for Mathematics. It turned me into a teacher's pet, a peer tutor, and regretfully, a rival in class; and it didn't feel completely nice being where I was, but I embraced my new forte then. Until...

Things soured, people changed. Friends came for solution and the moment they were done, I'd be one redundant dude. Maybe we were never friends, for friends are never superficial or jealous. It's hard to ignore when you know that people mean to pit against you, and you feel less willing to relent to their petty reasons. That's where the tension begins.

There was this final paper, I was all geared-up to slaughter it, until someone confronted me in an offensive tone , 'Just you wait and see.'

She left me... baffled. No, I actually felt intimidated! I suppose many will fall for that in their innocent 14. I couldn't concentrate all along the examination... ' Does score matter so much to her? Didn't she just ask for my help the other day, I thought we're friends? She knew that I wasnt' this good in Maths, I didn't mean to stand out. She hates me?? She hates me?!?! '

She had her way when she topped the class with that very paper, I came in second, 2 points behind; but I wasn't sore until she kicked sand into my eye. What infuriated me was, while I didn't thank her for the unnecessary distraction, she had to tower over me and sniggered, ' Oh, I thought the paper was easy.'

What exactly is this superiority about being the best? And if you are, if you really are, do you stand unwavering the best of the world, and beyond supersede?

I believe that many past 14 are already capable of detecting the slightest hint of jealousy or resentment behind a smile, a remark or gesture... And though I know that they are best ignored altogether, it still chills me knowing that there are still people today who are bent on toppling you in order to feel good about themselves. As long as they win, they pretty don't care if the game played fair.

Sometimes it gets almost quizzical when you're all tempted to ask another league of like-minded, ' Will you pick on someone your own size? '

Call me a mule, I refuse to make their values mine for a smoother blend into the world - I've never rolled with people who only wants to win. I don't know about you, but it doesn't delight me if anyone performs less satisfactory, excelling myself is always my utmost concern. But I'm struggling with this impurity : I have a tough time overlooking petty onslaughts, or dismissing irksome challenges, they still raise my hairs. Teach me, how do you deal with such petty idiocy?

It just pushes my button when people apply their set of win-only-mentality onto sports.

Let's face it. The best wins. No contender deserves a saucy opinion from a non-connoisseur, what's more when the view is subjectively lopsided. And when the winner is determined, it doesn't mean that the others are foul performers.

Grant me a game fair and square! Can we first have the cursers and ungracious beings leave the floor?

In another plenty hours, my super-heroine will face off with many other great skaters for the prestigious Winter Olympic medal, and the respective supporters are already e-slaying each other in the ugliest manner. So what if someone gets to win if Kim Yuna falls, and so what if Kim Yuna wins because others under performed? It's my wish that every contender delivers her best and brings on a battle for real.

And I think anyone is the best, as long as they have done theirs.


J.H said...

I think those kind of overly competitive people always exist in the world Stardust. When I read your story, I certainly can relate because I've been in your shoes before. I really can't imagine being in Olympic facing hundred of competitive people, the pressure, the nervousness, the hope, the expectiation others put on them. I am sure they all wanted to win badly. Sometime, I am glad I am not that smart :-)

bp said...

"It's my wish that every contender delivers her best and bring on a battle for real.

And I think anyone is the best, as long as they have done theirs."

you've said it really well, Stardust. this doing our best and being able to congratulate another better than us, or to know ourselves that our own good/worth is not dependent on what others think/say/do... that's something i'm finding hard to teach my own kids, the 2 boys have gotten into fights over who's better than who n taken things a little too far for my liking.

meanwhile, we don't stop trying our best, right? i hope writing out this post and sharing your thoughts here helps you feel better. you have a good week ahead now.

stay-at-home mum said...

totally agree. I hold the view that it is not "mutually exclusive". Doesnt mean that one is good the other is not. Both can be equally good, just one was lucky to have won. We have enough problems in the world, and this kind just doesnt need to be another to add to that list.

Maggie and Mitch said...

You are exactly right, Stardust! Everyone is the best as long as they have done their best! No one can ask more.

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

sharilyn said...

can't wait to see the ladies skate this week!! i've been enjoying the ice dancing this year... canada's spanish dance last night was wonderful! and so was the indian dance by USA (davies/wise)... good luck to your favorite!! :)

Anonymous said...


Been following your site for sometime. Loving your heart collage to shreds.

I can't agree more with what you've written, the spirit of sportsmanship isn't about winning.

I think nobody gets to shun jealous parties when you're the better one. Be better anyway.

P/S : I'm a big fan of figure skating too! Glad that your post helps me enjoy the coming game in a different light.