01 February 2010

What's nice?

Winter 09/10 has been a snowy one.

We'll be having another snowy week again... nice! Bear forbids driving due to slippery roads. I'll have to waddle down to councils and get the papers done. Heheh, very nice.


Nicer, I'm facing various 'special requests' while desperately trying to get my own loose ends tied. Be working my tail off to gather much, with a nice finish I hope.


Haven't been getting decent sleep for months. When Bear sleeps that late, I can't slumber very well too. We are a lot like walking zombies now, what nicely grotesque faces we must be wearing. Heheh...


Let's hope that February will make things a lot nicer, in a nice way I mean. Inhale... Better get going before snow falls...


stay-at-home mum said...

Waddle? Is there a bun in the oven?
Congrats! Now I know why the fatigue. Do rest well.

Maggie and Mitch said...

We just love that second picture! It's stunning! You take the absolute BEST photos!
Happy February!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

J.H said...

Yes, it's been the coldest winter in UK for 3 decades I heard. But don't worry, we'll smell some bloom real soon. Can't wait to see flowers picture on this blog again.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Bundle up... CHILLY. I'll sip some tea to warm up for you.

Stardust said...

SAHM, honey, nothing of that sort. I'm that penguin that walks the ice.

Maggie & Mitch, Happy February. Muacks.

J.H., Keep warm, I can't wait to see flowers at your place too.

Maryann, sip more! =P

sharilyn said...

LOVE that tree with the beautiful berries on it! amazing against the gloom of the snowy background. God is so cool and artistic how He plans these things! :)