05 February 2010

Friday scribbled

This is the view from the hallway, at daybreak followed by a snowy night. The trees sit in nicely for a landscape effect, courtesy of our neighbours behind. It's literally a moving picture when it snows in styles ~ diagonally, straight, lightly, heavy.

We're looking forward to the expression of fresh Spring.

Many may have already known, Orchids are extremely vulnerable to cold temperature, and my precious are struggling again this winter.


I'm crossing fingers that they'll make it to Spring since they're already heavy with buds. 頑張れ。。。



I've made Bear a new pouch for his drinking bottle, with a most befitting motif cross-stitched. Shh... he doesn't know it yet. =)


Last Christmas, I'm blessed with gifts from Helena in UK , who produces exquisite handmade cards. Her parcel was full of goodies, with her handmade cards enclosed. It's a difficult choice but I shall send one of her cards to a friend who needs attention now, she simply loves cats.


About Helena again, she's the maker of Dilly, the gween wagon dat luvs pink, I'll run to her site whenever I need a dose of humor. Guess what? I've received an award from Dilly! Fnar!!!

Awards are fun, friendly and by no means serious, but I shall be sensitive to some who may not like them.

So I'm passing to these fabulous five:

BP - Her scribbles encourage.

SAHM - She scribbles, shares and tickles.

梅子さん - I'm holding on to the language thanks to her scribbles.

J.H. - She scribbles, she snaps.

Maggie & Mitch - They frolic while the mom scribbles.

Now the rules,

Upload the picture on blog, pass it on, and don't forget that it originates from here.

This is one Friday, scrambled and scribbled. ;)


Feronia said...

Beautiful orchids, Stardust. And congrats on the Award!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks so much for the Awards!! You sure made my day!! :D

J.H said...

wow thank you stardust!
I just visited Dilly website, it's sooo cute... especially the language and the way she SCRIBBLE her stuff :D brilliant!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Thank you so very much for awarding us, Stardust! We are most honored!
Dilly's mom makes beautiful cards! We love Dilly! She's fun!
Francesca's name is pronounced
Mom says your orchids are just lovely!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Cuisine Paradise said...

Hi sis... this is such a lovely post with warm hearted gift from friend in festive season. I am sure you have make yourself a lot of blog pals that share your fun and laughter as well as your ups and downs. Do hope to see you around in Sg soon during yr next visit.... :) Till then, take care and have a great coming Chinese New Year.... :)

p/s: Are you coming back this year?

umekotyan said...




from loved ume tyan

Stardust said...

Thanks and thanks again to everyone!

Ellena, hope to see you around too, and yes I'll be back. =)

Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow!!! Great! Do give me a call if you are free to meet up. U still got my HP number rite?