08 December 2009



ay 11 at home.

Finally, I'm getting internet connection.

Finally, the phone is working and I've managed to call papa last night.

Finally, dust is clearing out, things are falling into places, and the house is getting a liveable look.

There's still work to do till everything is finally fine-tuned, but let me steal some time for a breather after all that labor. Heheh.

Thank you, Jesus. We've made it.


sharilyn said...

so glad you're getting a bit settled in your new home! did you move cities or just homes? hope all is well, my friend! :)

bp said...

dear Stardust, thanks for coming by to update me, i've been thinking of u n wondering how your move went! yay, u and Bear did it, what a monumental task... *THWACK THWACK* (that's me giving u guys a big pat on your backs, in a nice way lah ;p)! incidentally, in my response to your comments on my blog, i also said ALL HAIL KING JESUS!!!

take a much deserved break now, n enjoy your new home... you're just in time for your 1st Christmas there! *HUGS*

Y.S said...

Hi Stardust,
I am glad to hear everything settled now in your new home. Do remember to have a rest, and takecare of yourself, moving is always a great affair, but don't fell sick and make it even bigger :-)
God bless your new home!

Maggie and Mitch said...

It sounds like you're getting settled! We are so thrilled for you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

DILLY said...

Hewo Stardust!!!!
Mummy say,
pleez can email new address?
Mummy Dilly an Bob hav pwesent an Cwismoss card for Stardust.
Need kno ware send!
Neerly send old playce!
Pleez let kno ware be!
Mummy glad bogcat helpt.