21 August 2009

Good to have a Merlion come perhaps...

Wish me luck! I'm doing a presentation on Singapore in church this Sunday!! =P

Pretty nervous. I wonder how much do the folks here know about my dear little red dot. Bear was totally confounded when our serving company arranged for his expatriate life in Singapore 11 years ago. ' Where on earth is Singapore? ' was apparently the first question he threw.

Don't be surprised. Many Japanese do actually presume that Singapore is an unnoticeable nation at rear end. Zzzz...
Oh well... Come see this funny commercial that promotes Singapore tourism in Japan! =D

These Summer days have been incredibly comfortable and breezy, otherwise I would be tempted to have a Merlion summoned my place. Hey, good to have a Merlion equipped for a memorable presentation perhaps. =P Nice weekend!


Piggy said...

Japanese are not the only one that do not know where SG is. When I was in SA, those ppl that I met thought that I'm Korean and when I told them that we're from Singapore, they always gave us a blank look. :-P

J.H said...

hahaha, that's very funny!
I thought singapore has much more nicer thing than just Merlion (zoo, garden, sentosa, good place to shop till you drop and eat till you die). Not that I don't like merlion, I am just surprised that singapore is much identified with that.
I plan to drop by singapore on my next visit home :-) How I missed the duck rice!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

We'll take a Merlion next week when the heat wave returns. Good luck on your presentation!

Helena said...

Good luck! I hope it all goes really well for you!

Feronia said...

That advertisement is very, very funny! Thanks for posting it. Hope your presentation went well :)

umekotyan said...



from loved ume tyan

bp said...

how'd it go? i'm sure u gave a nice insight into our home sweet home s'pore! great job, *pat u on your back* i too was still just asked if s'pore is part of china.