19 August 2009

Up, up and away...

Japan has resumed from the odds of the Obon holiday : awful congestations and sweaty hordes!! We actually stayed within the prefecture to avoid frustration, and gladly embraced the break that came timely. =)

With the majority flocking out of town, this place is perfect for leisure shopping, gourmet experience and light travelling. Nicest of them all, Bear put us on a hot air balloon. =D


It was our first time on this carrier that flies!


Huge, plumply round and invitingly colorful, they made me forget everything! My boldness got the better of me, I opted for the fella that is arranged to rise higher and ooops... my knees started giving me away before the flight is halved at 15th storey!


It all began when you realize that you're peeping out from a weaved basket, and the cute balloon just never stopped elevating! 6 of us passengers and pilot, put our faith in a basket and a balloon, how's that?

Anyway, the pilot's advice to look up and far, helped. I bet the balls of fire expelled from the burner eased many cold feet too. =P By the peak at 30th storey, fear left me and I was happily admiring surroundings. =) Here you go, a sleazy panorama of a quiet countryside.






Knowing that many have been disappointed due to climate jitters, we're totally thankful for the great weather that enabled this event! This is by far, the best experience of the year. =D

Ask me if I'll try again given the chance. Absolutely. ;) But I'll still need the Bear's paw to make myself comfortable. =P


J.H said...

I think yours waaaay better than mine. Look at that beautiful scattered clouds!
Wow, look like it's fun to ride on them too... lucky you!
Now, I should give a hint to my husband :-) hahaha...

shoppingmum said...

This is awesome! I think I wouldn't have hold my camera well if I'm up there. I'm afraid of height. :P

Maggie and Mitch said...

OMG, you did it! You went up! How exciting for you and it had to have been breathtakingly beautiful! You're so lucky! Mom has always wanted to go but if given the chance, she might not have the nerve now that she's older!
Your photos are wonderful!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

stay-at-home mum said...

I am sure that was fun. For me, my legs would have gone soft too. Now, you should catch the movie "UP". It's a heart-warming tale.

Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow....this is great!!!! I have always wanted to try this during my stay in Australia...but nvm.. i guess one of the days, I shall bring Rey and go cos he simply loves balloon...... :)

Natasha de Bell said...

Nice shoot, I want to be there

Piggy said...

Love love love the header! wah... looks really fun. Can I visit you next year? ;-)