10 February 2009

Tagged! And you're next!

Stardust is tagged, for the first time! For a long time actually, but I've been too occupied with stuff and much, so I sat on it for this long. Bad bad me.

First, I must thank friendly Sharilyn for this exciting game! I had fun reading her sharing, and pretty amused to discover that growing up, we actually shared what's truly weird too! Tingles...

Now, what's this tag about? List six random or weird facts about yourself, and then tag six others. Without further ado, here goes the factoids of mine...

1. I'm very much a tomboy actually, and strangely; a tomboy who is capable of very girly stuff too. That makes me a fusion of pretty drastic feminine and masculine properties.

2. A warrior at the buffet table, and an extremely fussy eater at the same time. I eat quickly, almost inhaling food, cos I like my meal fresh and hot. I won't touch stuff that has past its most delicious 'state', like food gone cold, melted ice-cream and etc.

3. A clean freak perhaps. I have low tolerance for dirt, but I can be quite messy sometimes. Having said that, I never fail to retreive my stuff instantly. Anybody figured out what I'm trying to say?

4. I shop swiftly with a rule of thumb : purchase what I need and fall in love at first sight. Fussy me, it's an evident innate behaviour, since I was a child! I hardly fall into sales enticement, or land up in 'which-to-choose' dilemma, though it usually takes painfully long for me to get something I truly fancy. Of one thing I'm sure, I'm happy with every personal item I own and cherish them a great deal.

5. The weaknesses I can think of immediately, must be pain and weight. I have a low threshold of pain, and dread load a lot. Which often makes me wonder if I'll survive childbirth and pregnancy, =(((

6. I'm feeling guilty about this constantly, I admit being wasteful sometimes. Now that I'm married and taking up more responsibilities, I'm learning to be a prudent steward and striving to be more careful with resources.


I would love to tag everybody!!! But I understand that many have bigger agendas to attend to, so I'm trying my best to tag those who probably may afford the time. Hey, I'm not implying who's loafing, c'mon, have fun!

Nessie, SAHM, Kimberly Butterfly, Ellena, MaryAnn and Dilly, you're next. ;)


stay-at-home mum said...

Give me some time, ok??

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Those were so fun to read. I'm a decisive shopper too & usually buy few things, but of excellent quality. I'm also a tomboy who enjoys facials & beautiful paper for my journal. I love the outdoors. Feeds my soul.

Helena said...

Dilly is delighted to be tagged!
She'll be by tomorrow, I expect :)
At the moment she is nursing her Daddy as he has a bad back.

Have a look at this blog!
I really enjoyed her Japan photo's :)

J.H said...

I didn't know you are not tolerant to pain and weight. That's very interesting "mixture" :-)

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi stardust, how are you? I have an award for you.

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Darling1 my beloved twin!! sorry for my absence but I was really too busy..but you are always in my heart and mind. God bless you honey!

~ Jade ~ said...

A little more info about u, nice! ^^,. We are similar in points 1, 4 and 6, 3/6. ;)