03 February 2009

Prayer request

Stardust has returned to Japan after 2 weeks' break at Singapore.

Honestly, at this moment, I'm not very keen about blogging. For those who may know about my precious Orchid plant, Phal Kun ( right picture ), it wasn't doing very well duing my absence. =(

He bloomed beautifully since July, holding his 21st to 23rd flower and 5 buds when I left for holiday. I really, really shouldn't have left it all alone, and again!! after having learnt my lesson once last year. I truly loathe myself at this moment.

The wretched look of Phal Kun, breaks my heart into pieces.



I know... it's all my fault. I've been such a thoughtless and irresponsible owner, I don't deserve it, I don't deserve Phal Kun at all. But will anyone please join me in my earnest prayer for my gem. I'm not quitting and I truly don't want to lose Phal Kun. I'm trying every possible way to revive my plant, and I hope that it'll respond desperate attempt.

If there's anyone who is likely to understand the present state of Phal Kun, please share your opinion.

Sorry to share such depressing ( and probably childish news ) in the midst of the Chinese New Year celebration. If you ask me, my biggest wish now is to salvage my dying precious. Your prayer is most appreciated.


Ellena said...

Dear sister,

Glad that you have returned home safe and sound but yet to learn that your pleasure gem had became such a state... But i am sure God is able to revive anything even though it is just a little plant on earth.... I am sure the Lord will give it a new life.... and the hope is there.. don't give up!!!! Sister!!!

stay-at-home mum said...

I dont have green fingers and I cant help there, but I can say a little prayer for Phal Kun ... ok?

Y.S said...

I am sorry to hear what happen. I hope you are not discourage, every clouds has it silver lining!
Although I had no clue about orchid (I am a serial plant killer, I saw there is loads of link when I google on how to save dying phalaenopsis orchid. So probably you could give it a try.

nessie said...

So sorry to know that Phal Kun is in such state. i'll prayer that Phal Kun will be salvaged.Amin.

Hey, good to know that u're back home safe and sound.Tek care darlz..Miss u many2x.

Billy Coffey said...

I'm afraid I can offer nothing but prayer, as I can just barely make the grass grow in my yard. But pray I will...

There must be a broader lesson here, too. Maybe about staying connected with people, not letting them be in their loneliness?

bp said...

No, not childish at all, I felt the same way when my last pot of African Violets went.

I just said a prayer for your darling gem, and try not to feel down, OK? It's nice to have you back! Big Hugs for you, Stardust!

Ladybird said...

Hey..welcome back to Japan!
I'm so sorry to see the sorry state of your orchid plant :(
I'm absolutely clueless about plants, but I hope it won't give up on you! Cheer up :)

umekotyan said...


from loved ume tyan

Stardust said...

Thank you people, for your concern. I appreciate you much.

~ Jade ~ said...

Hey Sister,

I am sad to read this post. I feel so sorry that I could not drop by any earlier and give you the support and prayer for your poor little Phal Kun. I hope he is getting well with your magic touch.

My PC had this stupid virus and it had been tracking my activities and personal information on the net! Took me sometime to research on another PC before i could get rid of it(short of me reformatting it). It is now up & running and I am back!

{{Hugs}} Jade

XUE said...

No, not childish at all. I can understand how Phal Kun can be so dear to your heart. We came here with a papaya seedling which I hand-carried (no soil) on the plane. It survive for about 4 months before succumbing to frost. I know - silly me, but one can help but try, isn't it?