28 April 2011

At 31 weeks

up, the fella is 31 weeks today and we're in the last lap ( 3rd trimester ) since week 28!

Here's my 1545grams darling looking our way at 30th week. It's the first time we caught his features frontal! Aww...those cheeks melt me! :D


The gynae is often amused and would give the same comment everytime with a chuckle :
1. Baby moves a lot ( and gynae would start fumbling the scanner across tummy )
2. Long legs.

Now how would the mommy not know. Breadcrumbs is enjoying play gym in womb.inc while subscribing membership with painful kicks since week 28. He shakes this globe in front of me so much, as if I would forget he's there!

While having Breadcrumbs baking in the oven, we're busy tying loose ends to make the baby-goods list complete. Needless to say, Bear dotes on the cub like crazy.

But merchandise isn't everything in the world you know, and I hope that Bear picks up the other everything before time cos he's the only help I'm having.

Anyway, the baby room is almost furnished to receive the cub. Complying Bear's theory, everything is themed 'bear' so as to make Breadcrumbs feel comfy at home.


Breadcrumbs' uncle D helped do up the crib before he returned to Singapore in March.



As you can tell, we're forgoing co-sleep with the fella, which is not a common practise in Japanese families. It isn't often that the traditional Bear gives in to modern ideas, and I'm glad that his approaches have been very encouraging so far. :) [ Just one, he really needs to lend his hands more. ]

It's a pleasure popping into the baby room every morning to let in the sunshine. I always find myself smiling. :)


bp said...

Aww... *pinch those cheeks*... And I feel your anticipation, excitement l, and joy!

Breadcrumbs is so blessed with you n Bear, n praying Bear will surprise you pleasantly with lots n lots of help! Do ask n may u receive, dearie... let him know you can use his hand in this homestretch n those first days n weeks! i hope there'll be help from friends there too, maybe some homecooked meals, to ease your load to take care of Breadcrumbs!

Glad you've got his room ready n looking so beary sunny :). God be watching over u guys day n nite! The separate room is a great idea, as i am still working with my youngest to move into her own bed in our room still!

stay-at-home mum said...

I am so excited for you both and do enjoy whatever couple time you have together. I must say Breadcrumbs is one lucky little cub, his bedroom is so cozy and pretty!

Must also say that all those Japanese baby products are top grade! My experience with them have been good, from the aprica and combi prams/ strollers to the baby clothes, sterilisers, etc, which was given by my Japanese sis in law.

Maggie and Mitch said...

We just love the bear theme! Our mom would be staring at the crib and smiling in anticipation too - if she were a whole lot younger, Stardust!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Look at those Bears! He will feel safe an snug there! hehe!

Is that reelly his nose? I thort it was his ear an he was lookin up an over. Hmm... strange issent it? hehe!

I am still intervewing Bears for Bredcrum, an wen I find the rite wun I'll despatch him over to yu!


Anonymous said...

How very exciting Stardust! I can feel your anticipation! What a beary nice baby room for your little one!

XUE said...

Happy Mother-to-be Day !
SO much has happened since my last visit to yr blog !!! I am happy for you!