11 November 2009

Treading leaves

Come have a gander.






Treading forward on crunchy leaves, we're leaving fall behind us as the climate gets feet-biting cold around the clock. I miss summer's parquet, especially now with a bad foot, a cracked toe to be specific; as I've made a foul landing with a ballet footwork. Heheh, another rheumatism spot guaranteed. =P


So Bear moves slower these days, giving me a hand in much though it's the foot that hurts, his tender kindness I'm always grateful for. And for this reason, though I must have mentioned innumerable times...

.......... Photobucket

In case you've missed the crux of the picture, spot the heart above! =D


shoppingmum said...

Wow! These photos are awesome, love the last pic of your bear. :)

Edna said...

Vibrant colour! Beautiful... Makes me want to visit Japan in autumn!

stay-at-home mum said...

As always, beautiful pics. THANKS!!
Hope your foot is better.

J.H said...

excellent thoughts and pictures... Your bear must be sooo touched if he came here and read your blog. He is a blessed man :-)

Feronia said...

Are you sure you're not working for the Japan Tourism Office, Stardust?! - these photos are so beautiful!! - I want to come back to Japan every time I come to your site. Sorry to hear about your injury - hope you feel much better soon! How long have you been doing ballet?

Maggie and Mitch said...

What gorgeous autumn leaves!