21 April 2009

A dose of Spring


An inviting blue stretched over the weekend's skies, mocking sleepyheads and lazy feet.

It's Spring! There's no better time to sniff the flowers and feel the breeze. =)



Bear has been working hard lately, his brows creased even when asleep. A restorative dose of Spring is what we need. Crisp air, melodies of cheery larks, joyful scent that lingers everywhere.





These days, much has taken an unforeseen turn, but we're grateful that God is in control. The Sunday message was especially dear to my heart, and I'm all empowered to support the Bear as we move on.


Since when I wonder, Bear is into bees, ladybugs and singing larks, stuff I center on much. He spotted the darling above, but I let him down with the sloppy captures.

C'mon, the fella was fast! A sheepish grin was all I atoned with. Heheh! Let's hope he's not picking this up from me. =P.


stay-at-home mum said...

Ooohhh! Love those pretty flowers. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures you took.

And you know why Bear is into those stuff? Becoz he LOVES you!!


J.H said...

wow, they are super beautiful!!!
You always stunned me with your incredible "bug in action" shots.

sharilyn said...

love the beautiful spring photos, stardust! (and the accompanying bird song!!) i especially enjoyed the ladybug series! wonderful! it brought such a smile to my face to see the progression... and off she goes!!!!

i'm sure you're delighting in the arrival of spring.. i know the winter doldrums were beginning to get to you... enjoy the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees... and God's amazing handiwork in it all! :)

happy day to you, my faraway friend!

XUE said...

The sakura are mostly gone here & only the northern parts are enjoying hanami like you like! It's been suddenly cold again in Tokyo & to think that my kids were wearing light clothes then & thick coats now.

bp said...

*breathe in, breathe out* so beautiful, your pictures always make me go WOOOWWWW!

take care my dear friend, i know waiting on the Lord is not easy, hang in there, He loves u dearly and hears your desires, be blessed, so blessed!

blogging it out helps me, and especially having dear friends like u who listen. thanks, and i am here yah, so, drop me a line anytime u feel like talking, ok? a joy shared is a joy doubled, and a burden shared is a burden halved.

big HUGSSS for u meanwhile!