22 July 2011



aby Bear is a mont
h old today. :)

If we're in Singapore, the kid will have a special '1st month' birthday bash like any other newborns, lavished with gifts from relatives and friends. It will be a hassle-brimmed affair, but a special privilege for dad and mom to offer traditional cakes to folks rejoicing with us. Home must be packed with people partying over the lil prince. The fella passed around from arms to arms, with cheeks pinched or rouged red.

But not a shred of that is happening here. 1st month celebration is not a practise known to Japan.

It's a tranquil first month, a little too quiet for a Chinese mother with her first newborn. Too quiet for my liking.

Regardless of what oughts we're missing out in this place, Baby Bear is special, though he may be less celebrated. Happy 満月 my darling.

Special thanks to BP & Val for sharing our joy.


grub said...

conngrats on your first born Stardust! Baby Bear looks so cute, he will sure grow up into a handsome boy ;)

have a happy motherhood :D

sharilyn said...

happy happy one-month birthday, baby bear!! you are so very special!! :) and adorable, too!:)

bp said...

*Pinch pinch Baby Bear's chubby cheeks*

Oh, he is soooo adorable, and growing so well, all because of your great loving care, Stardust!

HAPPY FIRST MONTH, BREADCRUMBS!!! *GREAT SHOUT-OUT from here all around the world to you in Japan*


Thank you my dear, for letting us share in these oh-so-precious moments! Enjoyed your e-cake, and those red eggs are so beautifully packaged :). I'm loving all these pictures and looking forward to many many more! Keep going, Stardust!


Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy 1 month birthday, Baby Bear! You are so precious!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

stay-at-home mum said...

traditions missed coz you are in a different land. But nevermind. I am sure it was celebrated in your heart!! Also, Baby Bear will be celebrating new traditions in the years to come - like the annual children's/ boys festival!

Helena said...

What a lot of hair he has!!! Beautiful!

What the is the thinking behind the 'no partying for a month' rule? Maybe it was originally to make sure all was well before people celebrated, back when infant health was more precarious than now. Or maybe it is to recognise that the new mum needs rest!

Bob has despatched the Bear and he should be with you in a week or so. Dilly chose something to send too!

HUGS from us all!