09 January 2011

Year of Rabbit



Do you know that it's the year of 'Rabbit' according to the oriental zodiac, yup it works for the Japs too. But it's a 'Boar' for the Jap's version while the Chinese are having theirs as 'Pig'.


Year after year like many other homes, we've been celebrating the Japanese new year in a totally busy and exciting fashion. Definitely not this year though.

Less is more - been trying to convince myself that minimalism is a virtue this time. Can only afford to do this much with this little I'm consuming, how much can you wring out of a hard dried towel really? I'm forgiven for not being able to give home a total clean. Forgiven for preparing nothing for celebration meals and forgiven over miscellaneous obgliations. I. am. forgiven.

It's my year ( ok, the rabbit is let out of the bag ). I call the shots - Bear slaves.


He got this gorgeous new year ornament to honor the rabbit highness at home. In Japan, all pretty things come pricey, but we've decided that only the relevant zodiac years need exaltation. Besides, I deserve it. :P

Correction. We deserve it, me and the little one within. ;)


stay-at-home mum said...

woohoo! our species sure is multiplying like erm ... rabbits :P My son is also a rabbit like me!! And those rabbit flowers and ornaments are beautiful :)

Maggie and Mitch said...

The bunny ornament is beautiful! It will be special to you and Bear all of your lives, Stardust!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

grub said...


wow decorations are pretty different in Japan compared to the ones Chinese use. instead of red and gold, Japanese ones are much more colourful!

heehee the little one is also going to a rabbit ^^

Destiny said...

Best Wishes to you & your Family ~Destiny

bp said...

yes, you sure deserve it, and the lil one will be hopping inside you soon! :)

yah, take it easy!