28 January 2011

Getting thru by grace

cold had to find me since 3 days ago, though I've kept it well at bay for the last icy seasons.

It's very discouraging, especially at such times. When I'm not feeling anywhere near best, when the climate is cold, when my apetite is not coming back ( a not eating Singaporean is an angry Singaporean ) when a nagging backache gets worse with days, when my doctor's assistant nags that I should look around for experienced mothers' help, while she doesn't understand how hard some walls stand to break. I should be already shaking legs at Singapore during this period of time, joining my family to welcome the Chinese New Year, probably having a bad throat and indigestion due to over-consumption of sinful goodies, instead of cooping up here hoping that the next cough is not adding to the existing queasiness.

I miss pa, everyone else at home, my friends, and everything Singapore. It's bitter sweet reading how everybody is preparing for the New Year celebration back there.

But the agony eased up when I awoke this morning, surprisingly whole lot more relieved from the cold after just a dose of meds. I'm sort of astonished. For the previous colds, I've never ever got by any without suffering more than 2 weeks, or a month in winter.

God is good. When things get unexplainably good when it's supposedly bad, I can't help but ascribe it to His goodness. His compassion never fails. It's the bitterness this time I percieve what sweetness is.

I think I will get through. By His grace I'm sure, there's more sweetness to discover ahead in life.


stay-at-home mum said...

Glad you are feeling better. I will try not to write about CNY and the goodies. Promise. I will try. Hugs!

bp said...

Take good care, my dear, and feel all better totally. *Hugs*

Will some simple soup like a plain chix broth help, with your cold and the cold cold weather also? Hopefully the morning sickness will taper off real soon.

Take it easy yah, and think of all the CNY prep you glimpse on the web as a way of enjoying it without the actual work, hehe... well, at least that's how i'm consoling myself. this is our 7th CNY in a row away from home *sob*

Hang in there! We are all here for you, never mind the physical distance. And remember, God's grace and love knows no boundaries, so be blessed continually! I pray also that He'll bring loving and likeminded friends to you in person who are able to help you whenever you need a hand with anything. Feel free to talk to me, too, all ears.


Maggie and Mitch said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - we are so happy to hear that you're feeling a little bit better, Stardust!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

J.H said...

glad to hear a lot better my friend. Keeping you in my prayer for this important journey to motherhood :-) God bless you!

Feronia said...

Hello Stardust,
I haven't dropped by for a while and I am so happy to discover that you are pregnant!! Congratulations!! Wishing you every good thing :)