24 November 2010

When is snow falling?

'm excited about seeing friends in US having snow!!! SNOW!

It's still falling leaves we're seeing here... So the question goes, when is snow going to fall?


First snow was pretty early the previous years, so I guess it's time we see flakes coming. Right now, I'm smelling anything else but trees ( whenever my funny nose smells trees, that's when I know snow is about to fall )

So I'm tracking... and meanwhile, enjoying the last colors of fall.




And spotting my silly passion...



grub said...

beautiful photos as usual! you're lucky it's getting cooler in Japan, in Melbourne, it's boiling hot :(

btw i've already graduated from high school and finished my exams. i'm currently on summer holidays until end of Feb :D since i had to self study for Japanese this year, i guess i'm used to the concept, unless i get lazy i won't do anything :P

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom says autumn leaves are far more beautiful than snow! hummmmmmmmm - we're not sure we agree with her!
Your photos are always so beautiful, Stardust!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

stay-at-home mum said...

I think lil D has become like you - she keeps pointing out the hearts that she spots too!!

Thanks for sharing the lovely fall photos!

bp said...

so pretty, the heart, and fall's colours are what make it my fave time of the year! snow is beautiful too, except i don't take the cold so well, and u stay warm, yah.

J.H said...

we'd been waiting for the same thing in England. Today it's sort of sleet (snow + water), not exactly fun and it's pretty cold (-4 tonight) brrr.....