08 November 2010

Back from the Australian desert

Thank all of you who have prayed for my baby brother. He's finally home after some harsh time in the Australian desert.


I got this T-shirt during my recent trip back to Singapore. My baby brother owns one too, and another one here. Love its personality, and look how vocal the message, I should wear it before Bear everyday. ;P

My bro will be fulfilling the military conscription in a mere week's time. How fast 2 years have gone by huh.

It's been tough for the boys in army. There were glorious moments too among mostly demanding periods, whichever it was I was never able to be there for him. But my baby bro has never whined or lamented over the painful moulding. He went in a boy, now stands a man. Somehow, he's overshadowed me by lightyears, we've switched roles and I'm the one being taken care of now. I'm just so proud of him, and thankful to all Singaporean boys who serve our country, they truly deserve some respectful recognition.

This feeling is just intensified after spending time with guys who have never known hardship in the army. Bear? I doubt he can survive a day or even hours.


That was me screaming 'Please don't just leave your socks there!' for over a million times.

Don't make me angry. Really.


Maggie and Mitch said...

We're so happy to hear that your brother is home, Stardust!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

stay-at-home mum said...

I MUST get that T-shirt. Pls tell me where you got it from, pls, pls, pls. I need to send a msg to my kids thru that t-shirt.

Glad little brother is home safe!

Anonymous said...

That's a funny t-shirt Stardust. I should try look for it and put it on in the office.

Army doesn't build every SG guys the positive way. Your brother is just lucky.

J.H said...

Glad to know your brother done a good job there!
Hahaha... the last paragraph really make me laugh, can't imagine you really doing that.

sharilyn said...

love the shirt!! wish i had one, too!! some days, you just need to wear that and announce your intentions to the world you encounter! : )

and why don't socks ever just make their own way to the laundry basket, i wonder....?? :)