25 June 2010

Paragraphs in the midst of monsoon

othing's so happening here - it's a wet season running a dry spell.

~The garden~

Good news! It's finally getting fixed starting July! YAY!!!

~The bike~

Obviously, Bear wanted it at our place instead of our in-law's garage. Did I mention for how many donkey years Bear hadn't touched his toy, and that he had to hurt himself with a fall 2 years ago? And how he almost got me killed 2 times in earlier summers? I insisted on escorting him from behind on Father's day - the longest journey that made my tummy churn laminas away. I almost tore the wheel out whenever Bear shook me off. I prayed so hard that God stopped 2 rains in between that hour ( or we can accuse Bear of his hell speed that threw the raining clouds behind us ). Imagine my relief when we got back in a piece, THANK JESUS!

~ We heart shiitake ~


Yep. The Japs call this mushroom 'shiitake'.
Bear loves it so much that he almost got some logs home to nurture home-grown shiitake at the rear. ( It's the fun he's after, not quite the shiitake. )

If you agree with me, the tiny one on the surface can almost pass as a heart!



We've been frequenting this fabulous Japanese restaurant that always surprises us with extraordinary cuisine, always artistically presented. I wish I've brought my camera to explain what made us we jump from our seat last night. A raw fish 3/4 the length of my arm and twice my 'biceps' thick was brought up before Bear! It was a grotesque sight, with the fish head bigger than my fist; seemingly smiling and alive! Its flesh cut out in generously thick sashimi and... did I see blood? Unpalatable I'd say, YUCK! We laughed so hard after leaving the restaurant, it was definitely the most unforgettable dinner experience to date.

~Nothing too small~

I have this problem everybody is having, always hesitant about praying over trivial things I thought I could solve on my own, till there were close moments when pressure almost blew me up! But God was in control. Again, and again, and again, I've learn to put things at His feet ~ the great things and small ones too. Nothing's too insignificant I can't bring up before Him, for He's the fatherly figure that cares...

Thank you Father, for the garden thingy, the bike thingy, the heart shiitake, the garden thingy again thus the celebration at つづみ. We're blessed.

P/S : Dear MJ, you may have been gone for a year today, we still have you in our playlist. Always will.


Maggie and Mitch said...

You always find the neatest hearts, Stardust! You have so many signs of love in your life!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

J.H said...

this post really touches my heart. As you said, we just need a reminder that we are indeed... are very blessed.

stay-at-home mum said...

And thank you Father for Stardust!

Was wondering what happened to you. You have not posted for SOOOOOOOOOOO long.

And I heart Shiitake too! Somehow the Japanese one taste much much better.