08 June 2010

Hydrangea, at last

irst time
I laid eyes on Hydrangea, my heart felt like a thousand flowers bursting from inside. Still unable to verbalize its spellbinding effect on me... Always mesmerized by the clustered blooms in magical blends of pastels and tones, so delicately layered. It's an everlasting passion unfolded.


Japan being famous for its Hydrangea breeds, attracts collectors from around the world. The late Princess Diana who was fond of Hydrangea, would seize several back to England whenever she managed to travel Japan. Very often, I would wonder which were the ones lucky that left with her.


After all these years, I've finally started little pots of Hydrangea at the rear, in pastel pink, blue and purple. Their heads drooping at rainy intervals and all perked up on sunny days.
In a couple of years, I'd have a surplus for cuts at the niche.

It still feels like how I've seen them for the first time. =)

Please share anything if you're a lover of Hydrangea too.


stay-at-home mum said...


J.H said...

Hi stardust, can you share the tips to grow hydragea? I am a great fans of them too... unfortunately had never do a successful job in making them bloom every year :-(

Maggie and Mitch said...

Hydrangeas are sooooooooooo beautiful! They take me to Nantucket - my favorite spot on Earth!
Thank you for the smiles!

bp said...

ahhh... i love 'em too but have not tried to grow them. your homegrown ones are really pretty n extra special 'coz they've got your TLC! great job, your garden indoors and out are looking so beautiful already :)... and u capture the blooms thru your lens so well, as always, i love 'em all!!!

umekotyan said...

日曜の夜、ちょっと、ロマンチックなジャズの音楽に聞き惚れながらのume tyanでした。(^o^)v

from loved ume tyan