16 July 2009

It's officially Summer

From yesterday!


Just how do I know? Here in Japan,  when ’梅雨明け’ ( tsuyu ake : end of monsoon season ) is announced over the weather forecast, that's when Summer is officially here!


And if you're thinking I'll be smiling at this familiar season, summer in Japan is too unfriendly to mention. A sudden shot of 10 degrees and beyond takes place right after monsoon. The island is uniformly roasted at 36 to 40 degrees daily, turning inhabitants into strippers alike. =P


Ok, I exaggerated. But we're definitely seeing more thighs exposed on the streets. I luv shorts to pieces during this season. =D


Much weeks have been spent on serious matters lately... Bear needed a spin while I needed a break bad. So off we spun to seek some floral peace at the Lavender field over the weekend.

A perfect getaway though we might be slightly late for the season. Tender breeze wafted a loving scent in the air even before we could see the field.

This is what's so special about Lavender, always inviting. Happiness is when I see this beautiful flower dance in the wind, as it shares a gentle scent.


And this is what's so special about God's creation, always awesome. Joy is when I know God creates such beauty with His marvelous hands, and offering it free.


The regulars were at the field too. ;)



So glad that we went. This week is boosted with a good bolt of energy. =)


shoppingmum said...

Lavender!!! Wow, so lovely...
I really love your photos!
And have a nice summer. :)

stay-at-home mum said...

enjoy the summer, for before you know it, that cold deary winter will be upon you. Time simply flies too fast nowadays. Those shots are superb! Thanks for sharing.

J.H said...

hi stardust,
LOVELY picture!!! I think I ate that red little fruits in Germany (sorry, they are so sour).
Hey, I am heading for lavender fields too :-) I just hope my picture turn up as nice as yours :-)

nessie said...

i so love the dews...so well taken dearie. awww.......loveeeeeeeee it!

Maggie and Mitch said...

The lavender fields are just gorgeous! Imagine laying down in them and rolling! It would be the best perfume in the world!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch's mom - Maggie and Mitch would rather roll in poo! hehehe

ky said...

Glad you're having your summer back! Weather has taken a downturn here lately..
Enjoy your summer to the fullest! :)

umekotyan said...






from loved ume tyan

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Mummy luvs lavender. We hav fields like that heer. She haz lots ov lavender soap an perfume an stuff. It's her fayvrit.

We hav lavender in the garden too. We took a cutting a few yeers ago, abowt 3 inches long and Mummy put it in a jar ov warter in the barthroom. It grew roots so we plarntid it an now it is enormouss, a huge bush!

We hav tayken anuther cuttin an ar goin to try to do it agen!

I like yor fotoes. I like the bee. Bears like bees. They mayke our hunny.


bp said...

ooh, the breeze, the scent, your awesome shots and thanks for the reminder of God's goodness and creativity! glad u n bear made the date to breathe in, breathe out, and hope the summer heat doesn't get overpowering... if it does, stay indoors to chill, yah. my dear stardust, i miss you, miss your updates, will try and catch up with how much i've missed whenever i can steal the time! *hugs*

MaryAnn Ashley said...

The lavendar fields are amazing... we have nothing like it here... I have a collection of lavendar in my garden.