22 April 2013

Is it really spring already?

We've gone back to winter the past 2 days, it snowed!  Look what it has done to the garden.

They weren't so bad then when the shot was taken but truly done for right now due to the extended chill.  I was hoping to enjoy them a little longer.

How's spring like at your place?  

The little one is 22 months today and I can't believe that he's turning 2 in another 2 months.  Why wouldn't anybody tell me that time will pass this soon.


Mitch and Molly said...

We've never seen tulips and grape hyacinth in the snow before! What a beautiful picture! We hope the snow doesn't make them wilt before they're supposed to.
We can't believe your cub is almost 2! Where does the time go?!

Feronia said...

It looks beautiful! We are in autumn here.

stay-at-home mum said...

time flies when you are having fun so I guess you must be havng loads of fun with the little one!! Enjoy!!