25 August 2011

And the challenges continue...

he cub is a happy baby at home.

I mean, at home.

When the main door is closed behind us, he starts getting antsy. Then mom gets antsy, and dad joins in.

It isn't too hard to understand what tremendous stress the outdoor imposes on a baby out from the womb for mere weeks. Everything at once is just too much!

Do you know, even the mom isn't the most outdoor person in the world and fidgets at meeting new people!

But we can't stay at home forever. :/ This weekend is going to be especially challenging.

Baby Bear will be formally introduced to the family clan on the 27th. We have relativesssss travelling from different parts of Japan just to meet and bless the child. All these people I don't know, but I must pretend that I still do because I've met them once years ago. There'll be endless exchange of formalities, bowing, and cordial conversation from one cluster to another, I just hope I won't forget which one I'm done with. It will be a very mentally exhausting experience and if I'm not careful, I may end up embarrassing my husband. I don't wish for tongues wagging at his behind, ' This is how things will be like when you get yourself a foreign wife.'

I can only imagine the clanking of glasses, loud excited folks who want to tell how much they are happy for us, karaoke and merry-making... and how uncomfortable Baby Bear will be.

Then on the 28th, he'll be making his debut at church for a baby dedication. I'm excited on this one! And I'm hoping that the cub doesn't cry his lungs out on what's meant to be a very dear memory of my lifetime. The child at the previous dedication obviously didn't like the microphone.

Darling, I know you must be trying so much harder than I do and I better not buckle under nothing yet! Come what may, we'll ride it out. Just try not to turn into a dipped nugget on these days ok?


Anonymous said...

Hey, take it easy and dont stress yourself unnecessarily. I am sure things will go fine. You cant control what people want to say, if at all, and I am sure they will be all praises for you once they see the adorable cub. *hugs* will be praying for everything to go smoothly for you.

grub said...

hehehe he is so cute! recently i've been learning about o-rei (obligatory rituals) and Japanese mannerisms at uni and i can really understand what you mean with all the formalities / bowing and everything! i wish you and Baby Bear good luck with everything! hopefully it will go smoothly :)

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your cub is just adorable, Stardust!
Roll with the punches this weekend and have a great time! Things will work out the way they're supposed to.

Feronia said...

Your blog brought a smile to my face, Stardust. I hope everything goes well for you all this weekend. I'll be thinking of you x