22 January 2010

Stepping up, and out

Bear smells like a different animal these days.

There were heaps to see to over the past months : housing matters, in-laws' household affairs, procedures both official and informal, outright trivials at times like such... Bear had to settle A to W, with resurfacing XYZ, of most the help I could offer are helpless.

Particularly the thesis-like paper he's been working on for months. Instead of the technical difficulties, the challenge lies in coercing the Bear into proving his point, or making him audible... for he's just never upfront about what he's made of. And so he began surviving on late dinners, nighties at 3a.m., and waived weekends. One winter night, the computer died on him (us) and took away 2 months of hard work, just like that. Bear turned in early that night, like an emptied teddy, 'quit' was written all over him. I prayed for the Lord's comfort, on my own; afraid that he's upset enough with what he believed in. Next night, he carried a new gadget home, all determined to take on the deadline looming. That's a facet I never knew, he left me wondering where he found all that from.

I played nuisance into the study the other night, Bear's efforts already a polished tidy work, and yes, he's subtly greyed perhaps.

We give thanks, for the paper is submitted today. =) I'm not expecting anything from all that hard work, Bear being like-minded, we're not the merit-ravenous type. He has done his best, God will do the rest. I'm just proud of him. I mean very.

Do you know that the
Shogun at home actually tidies the place, and clears the mess these days?!? Yes, the Shogun who didn't know that all homes have what's called a 'cleaning cloth' in the past. I pick up my jaw after seeing him meddling my household business, I mean he's already spreaded thin himself and shh... his executions right on! =P Bear who hated doorbells is actually seeing irrelevants out suave and swift these days ~ he's not that vocal or forward kind I told ya? In the past, he often placed this mistress on the frontline... sigh... whenever he could make himself scarce... but I guess the recent ups downs have raised the cub a little hardy, his inner-man revealing. These months have so shaped him, Bear is definitely stepping up, and out of his comfy shell.

And though he still can't park his room boots like mine in a decent manner when he leaves for work...

He still leaves traces of bear-like qualities around the house...



I love him, respect him, and I'm very proud of my better half. ( That's when he doesn't resume his Shogun's presence, bleah. =P )

The heart must be the remains of the paper stuffing packed within the boots upon purchase. Bear stepped it out only until days ago=P

P/S: What's common between backing up your loved one and backing up your work? You can't be wrong with both.


stay-at-home mum said...

You must be so proud of him!!It's not easy working, and doing his paper, and on top of all that help you out at home. That's LOVE!!

And I love those boots!

Feronia said...

It's great that Bear has made it through this difficult time, Stardust - and obviously with your support. It's amazing what we find out about our spouses in times of stress, isn't it?

sharilyn said...

LOVE that little paper heart! God's love for you showing up in unexpected places and ways!